Chapter 551 - Z, Never Leaves Traces

Chapter 551: Z, Never Leaves Traces

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Fu Jiu still wore her uniform as she skated over from the field to chase after Yang Ming.

She knew she had to leave the school grounds before him.

Fu Jiu paused, one hand in her pocket, as she scanned the imposing security guard, before turning over to survey the walls surrounding the school.

She then instantly made a decision: Climb!

If the Almighty were to hear about this, he would surely nag about it.

She definitely wouldn’t chase Yang Ming on her skateboard. Instead, she hailed for a cab and scooted into the passenger seat. The entire time, she kept her eyes glued to Yang Ming’s car.

“Sir, please follow that Volkswagen Golf in front.”

The driver was instantly intrigued, asking interestedly, “Are you working on a case?”

Fu Jiu rushed when the driver hadn’t moved an inch. “Yes, so hurry and don’t lose him.”

“No problem!” The driver must have watched too many crime dramas. “Would his comrades be nearby? Does he have a gun with him? It’s fine even if he has a gun, if he dares to burst my tire with it, I’ll run him over!”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“Sir, calm down.”

The driver replied seriously, “I absolutely detest evil people!”

Fu Jiu agreed. “I can tell, but this suspect isn’t the same, he holds an important clue on him, so we can only follow him without arousing his suspicion.”

“Aish, I understand. Why didn’t you mention it before?!” The driver maneuvered as he added in a familiar tone, “I can get help from my bros to corner him, regardless of where he goes, we will have his tracks under control!”

Fu Jiu smiled, sending him a thumbs up.

Midway, there was a horrible traffic jam.

After the driver confirmed the Golf’s brief location, he disregarded the traffic regulations, allowing her to alight and give chase.

Having her skateboard with her, Fu Jiu was able to unleash her potential during this jam.

Before leaving, she didn’t forget to give the driver a thousand-dollar note.

Fu Jiu did the math; the driver hadn’t just run a red light, he had even violated other traffic rules.

Yang Ming wasn’t heading home.

Don’t ask how Fu Jiu knew about it.

On a certain page, on a certain station.

Fu Jiu scanned the building and pulled her bag forward to begin her ‘disguise’ while Yang Ming was occupied by a call.

She changed swiftly. In just a short minute, she transformed into another person.

By then, Yang Ming was still on the phone, completely oblivious to the person behind him.

It was only after Yang Ming entered the elevator, that he noticed the food delivery boy behind him. He continued his conversation. “Yes, I’ll be there soon.”

Next, he hung up the call, inching backward slightly.

Yang Ming had always despised delivery boys; they often carried a stench. Although this one didn’t, he tried to keep a distance.

Actually, he would have taken another lift, but unfortunately, they were both heading to the same floor.

He never expected anyone from this floor to order takeout.

Yang Ming frowned, taking big strides out once the lift door opened.

At this moment, the delivery boy lifted his head. Who else could it be with those crystal clear eyes that reflected the black earring on her left ear…