Chapter 553 - The Most Dashing Delivery Boy

Chapter 553: The Most Dashing Delivery Boy

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While Feng Yi watched with trepidation, Lin Feng could also sense the pressure by their captain.

Should he remind him that it was his phone — and a new one at that?

But before he could speak, Qin Mo lifted his lids, his voice clear. “Are you so bored that you can gossip in the training room? If so, let’s increase the training schedule.”

Lin Feng: … Did he just get shot?

“Vice President Feng.” Qin Mo pointed towards the photo, his eyes freezing up. “Call this person over.”

Yi Feng coughed. “Do I call now?” Since he just confessed, he should be with the girl. If he were to call now, what if he heard the girl’s voice?

Qin Mo glanced over silently, which made Feng Yi feel a chill run through him. He hurriedly dialed for Fu Jiu.

Inside a certain building, Fu Jiu was dressed like a delivery boy, she lowered her cap and was about to follow Yang Ming.

But suddenly her phone started ringing.

Liu Ming paused midway while opening the door, turning over abruptly. He glanced over at the delivery boy with the lowered head, frowning slightly.

Fu Jiu knew that not picking up would seem unnatural. So with a plastic bag in one hand, she used the other to hook onto her phone, pressing it onto her ear. “Qin building, right? I’ll head over immediately after making this delivery.”

Liu Ming wasn’t interested in a delivery boy’s conversation, but the call seemed to have alleviated his worries about being followed. Once at ease, he pushed the door open.

A the moment Liu Ming left the elevator, Fu Jiu hung up the call.

On the other end of the phone, Feng Yi wore a face full of confusion.

What did he mean by he would head over after making this delivery?

Qin Mo glanced over at Feng Yi’s expression. “Pass over the phone.”

Feng Yi listened to the prolonged buzz, coughing once more. “He hung up, he should be busy right now.”

“Busy?” Qin Mo smirked. “Busy dating?”

Lin Feng nodded nonchalantly. “It’s possible!”

All of a sudden, all members of the Supreme Alliance froze.

The atmosphere chilled.

Qin Mo seemed to be covered by an icy layer, warning them away.

In the same moment, Fu Jiu was met with her second problem.

“You, I’m talking to you.” A high heeled woman around thirty years old came walking over. “No one here ordered delivery. What are you doing? Unauthorized people aren’t allowed in.”

Fu Jiu lifted her head, shrieked and tapped her head lightly. “I got the floor wrong!”

The woman paused slightly when she caught sight of Fu Jiu’s face; it wasn’t common to see such a handsome delivery boy!

Fu Jiu bent down to apologize hurriedly. “I’m extremely sorry, Miss. Today is my first day at work, so I’m still a little confused with the area.”

“It’s alright, it’s alright.” The lady wasn’t one to make things difficult. Moreover, who could bear to reprimand such a charming little prince? “Take note in the future, hurry down!”

“Mmh, mmh, mmh.” Fu Jiu nodded, smiling as she walked towards the lift.

The lady stared at the lift door closing shut, mumbling to herself, “Aish, how can I forget to get a photo? Such good looks don’t come by often! But since he is in charge of this area, I can always get the shot next time.”

Unbeknownst to her, there wouldn’t be a next time…