Chapter 554 - The Almighty’s Phone

Chapter 554: The Almighty’s Phone

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Even though she appeared stationary in the elevator a wall away, she already held onto her black earring.

After she had caught sight of the building, she knew a network attack wasn’t possible.

First, there wasn’t enough time to hack into the system because the firewall was exceptionally secure.

And there were also surveillance cameras at every corner.

If she took out her laptop, it was bound to raise suspicion since it wasn’t logical for a delivery boy to carry a laptop to work.

The police weren’t dumb; they would pursue even the slightest suspicion.

Besides, the country’s tightest defense system was located here.

As long as something went wrong, someone would report the matter.

Hence, she had to take the risk and approach Yang Ming so closely, just to install a tapping device.

She placed the tapping device while they were both in the elevator.

Even if there were surveillance cameras capturing the scene, the police wouldn’t be suspicious of a delivery boy.

She knew how the police operated.

As there wasn’t any reception in the lift, Fu Jiu could only hear static noises.

It wasn’t the same, however, after she exited the lift.

Even though the volume wasn’t loud, it was enough to listen clearly.

“Don’t worry, no one knows I’m here.”

The voice belonged to Liu Ming. They must have already begun the transaction.

The other party was on high guard, which had always impressed Fu Jiu.

“What’s the reason behind your rush?” the unknown person asked impatiently.

Liu Ming lowered his voice. “Recently, the girl, which caught Deputy Liu’s eyes, isn’t that easy to control.”

“Why is she hard to control when no action has been taken yet?”

“She just doesn’t seem as compliant and has recently gotten a boyfriend.”

“Boyfriend?” The voice was tainted by a slight hint of anger. “Don’t you know that Deputy Liu likes them untouched?”

“Of course I do, the more tender the better.” Liu Ming added, “Why don’t we send her over to Pure Color today? It’ll save the trouble of her being tainted in the future.”

He was still hesitating. “Didn’t you say she is stubborn and unlike the other students that sold their body? The matter might blow up if she is really unwilling.”

“The girl is afraid of her mum, she would start to ponder after it ends. If the situation blows up, it won’t be good to either party’s reputation. We can offer to pay more when the time comes, and as long as the money is accepted, the situation would be different. Moreover, her results are still with me. What can a student like her do? Besides, it’s common for high schoolers to sleep around in order to pursue branded goods. No one can be certain whether there was consent given.”

“Alright, I’ll do as you say.”

Fu Jiu clenched onto the zipper of her jacket as she listened to this.

She was certain that even if she had recorded the entire conversation, it wouldn’t be information that could be used in court.

There wasn’t any video or image, thus, they could pass it off as trap.

She had to head over to Pure Color.

The phone rang once more.

‘The Almighty’ appeared on the screen…