Chapter 555 - Almighty Qin Is Jealous

Chapter 555: Almighty Qin Is Jealous

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Fu Jiu paused slightly, before accepting the call. “Hi, Brother Mo.”

“If you are not in school, where are you?”

She couldn’t hear any trace of anger in his voice, which heightened her senses even more. “Outside.”

“Together with Li Mengran,” Qin Mo added harshly.

Fu Jiu broke into laugh. “How did you know, Brother Mo?”

“What do you think?” Before Qin Mo could finish the sentence, the line went dead.

At that moment, there wasn’t anyone around to see the menacing expression on his face.

He never felt this way before.

The moment he shut his eyes, the image of the youngster confessing would pop up.

What exactly was he doing?

Was he on a date?

Have they held hands or… kissed?

The thought of the latter gave him a sudden urge to smoke.

That was exactly what he did; he single-handedly tugged his collar as a sea of cigarette buds surrounded him.

Shrouded amidst the sea of smoke, only this deep pair of eyes was visible.

The moment Director Huang entered, he was swamped the smell of tobacco. He was slightly taken aback; this youngster always carried a cold and distant persona and had never smoked to aggressively before.

But the seated youngster still seemed nonchalant and dignified, which threw even the experienced Director Huang off guard, confusing his thoughts.

“I never expected to hear from you voluntarily.” Director Huang seated himself in front of Qin Mo. “What’s up? Have you agreed to return?”

Qin Mo hung his legs, replying dismissively, “No.”

“No?” Director Huang wanted to exhale deeply again, it has been years since he had been infuriated to such an extent. He invited the honoured bureau chef over just to say no?

“Then why did you send for me?” Director Huang asked with widened eyes.

Qin Mo titled his head and lit another cigarette. “I’m just interested in Z. I can help out, but there is a condition.”

“What is it?” As long as Qin Mo was willing, he could make concessions.

Qin Mo replied faintly, “I won’t appear personally, I will activate you guys when necessary and lastly, I won’t share information in matters I participate in.”

“Why?” Director Huang couldn’t help asking.

Qin Mo replied with just one word, “Burdens.”

Director Huang…

“Pass me the information.” Qin Mo straightened, but there wasn’t any warmth in his eyes.

Director Huang lifted a brow. “What information?”

“Since you are already here, you must have predicted I would return to the unit. It isn’t possible for you not to bring the information.” Qin Mo tugged his collar once more, he needed to do something to distract his attention or he would find youngster right this moment to strip him off his clothes and impose his authority.

Even though it wasn’t right, he couldn’t help himself.

Director Huang didn’t like being seen through so clearly and having his thoughts revealed. But as this case was of utmost importance, he opened his briefcase. “Here is all the information we could get our hands on.”

Qin Mo lowered his lids to scan the photos and recording.

Director Huang couldn’t help asking, “Can you tell me the reason for not returning to the unit?”

Qin Mo scanned the information, asking instead, “Have you played hero?”