Chapter 556 - Almighty Qin Investigates Z

Chapter 556: Almighty Qin Investigates Z

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Director Huang shook his head. “That’s a game my son plays.”

“Well, burdensome teammates are the worst thing in Hero. If there is a primary schooler in the team during a 5v5, you won’t be able to depend on him to help out and would even have to protect him at all times, so that he doesn’t end up digging his own grave.” Qin Mo’s eyes shifted. “It’s the same when solving cases.”

Director Huang: … Was he referring to them as primary schooler? Where exactly did he get such a mean spirit from?

“The tracks are complicated, with many useless ones.” Qin Mo placed the photo down. “If the person really is Z, you should consider her initial actions. The scheme arrangements would be done at the beginning with subsequent actions used as a disguise.”

Director Huang pushed his beer belly forward. “What do you mean by if the person really is Z? You don’t think he’s the one?”

“No one can be certain until the very end.” Qin Mo used a pen to draw a question mark. “Have you investigated all the various Internet cafes?”

Director Huang coughed lightly. “Not yet.”

Qin Mo placed his pen down, an enigmatic expression crossing his face.

Director Huang was on the edge. “I was going to arrange for it before heading over. You should really stop talking.”

Qin Mo kept silent as he continued to flip leisurely.

Director Huang coughed once more. “That, why don’t you tell me what to investigate, the staff movement?”

“The staff movement won’t be useful.” Qin Mo drew another circle. “There are thousands of Internet cafes in Jiang City. Besides, the cashier would not notice the customer’s appearance, hence, it would be useless and a waste of time to investigate that. You should instead be asking if there were any problems in the cafes. For instance, there might be numbers jumping while the customers are playing; this means that the computer has been struck by a virus. Other times, the computer may start to move by itself. Inform me immediately if any of those circumstances had occurred.”

Director Huang was smart enough to understand the underlying reasons; it was obvious to target the hacker’s activities.

But … “How can you be sure that Z has been acting in Internet cafes?”

Qin Mo lifted his lids. “I’m 80% certain. First, that is her personal habit and would aid in concealing her real identity. Furthermore, there is a large volume of different Internet cafes out there, which is sufficient to exhaust the police’s strength.

Director Huang: …

“But it might not be.” Qin Mo’s eyes darkened as he read the last line ‘ I’m back‘.

Director Huang wasn’t all that slow as he grabbed his phone. “I’ll get them to start the investigation now.”

Qin Mo acknowledged with a slight ‘mmh’. After the analysis, his attention returned to his phone.

The screen was dark.

This meant that person had no intention to explain.


But there wasn’t anything for him to explain.

After all, in his heart, they were just close brothers. Where was the need for an explanation?

He had even tried to push him away to someone else.

That was a telling sign of their relationship.

He was clear about youngster’s ability to attract people.

If he actually tried, no one would be able to reject that face and smile.

Besides, he carried a sweet tasting kiss.

So the two of them probably…