Chapter 557 - Locating Fu Jiu

Chapter 557: Locating Fu Jiu

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Qin Mo tightened his fingers, using his connections for the first time. “One more thing.”

“What?” Director Huang asked agitatedly, assuming it was a new clue.

Qin Mo wrote a phone number on the paper. “Help me trace this person, I need to know where he is right now.”

“A suspect?” Director Huang’s eyes lit up.

Qin Mo replied faintly, “No, it’s the payment for interfering in this case.”

Which meant, it was a private matter?

Director Huang objected instantly. “No,

“Oh, really?” Qin Mo pushed the document forward. “Then get someone else to work on the case.”

“You… you…” Director Huang was infuriated. “No, what did he do for you to go to such extent? It’s an infringement of privacy!”

Qin Mo tapped his fingers on the table, replying slowly, “It’s just to locate him, there won’t be any violation.”

Director Huang was struck speechless, he knew that Qin Mo was being serious, but he couldn’t figure what the telephone owner could have done to be targeted by him.

“I’ll help you locate him, but you can’t inflict any harm on him.”

Qin Mo lifted the ends of his lips but there wasn’t a hint of warmth in his eyes. “That depends on the stage he is at.”

“What stage?” Director Huang tapped with his fingers. “Don’t be rash.”

Qin Mo extinguished his cigarette, an enigmatic smile on his face. “Director Huang, you are thinking too much. He is my teammate, what could I do to him?”

Other than chaining him at home and tire him until he can’t leave the bed.

Much less to say, confess.

Possessiveness surged under his perfect looks.

A pity Director Huang couldn’t spot it, but under normal circumstances, this boy wouldn’t go to such an extent.

Honestly, the only time he had requested the police to trace someone was to locate a criminal.

Other than this criminal, this was really the first time…

In Fu mansion, Fu Jiu wasn’t aware she was being traced.

Buton thing didn’t sit right with her, the call with the Almighty still bothered her.

She had always known that the Almighty wasn’t an easy opponent.

From the start, he had already represented a challenge for her interference.

This led to her becoming Li Mengran’s ‘boyfriend’.

Even if the day came when the Almighty found out it was her doing, she had an excuse; she had done it out of anger because Li Mengran was her girlfriend.

This was the only way to conceal her identity as Z.

Fu Jiu glanced at her reflection in the mirror, she wore a female school uniform — a white top and skirt that went past her knees. She was the epitome of youth, but she had a seductive vibe, which didn’t look the least bit pure. At the very least, she would be able to blend in.

At 6.40 pm, Pure Color was about an hour away.

That was if the traffic was smooth.

This meant she could reach about 8 pm.

Fu Jiu lifted her lids, her long fingers tying a butterfly knot on her collar, which concealed a tiny red video camera.

She confirmed the time once more.

Similarly, the network attack location would still be in the rented vehicle. Her long, slender fingers flew across the keyboard, her profile casting a shadow on the car’s window as only one word appeared — Z.