Chapter 558 - Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 1

Chapter 558: Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 1

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Videos, regardless of their clarity, were not allowed as evidence in court if they had been taken under abnormal circumstances.

Besides, Fu Jiu already knew her target; it would be ridiculous for a hacker to go the legal route.

After all, wealthy people weren’t scary, rather those with both wealth and power were.

Regardless, Fu Jiu didn’t deny the existence of justice, but there were too many disturbances in this world.

Young ones could put on a pitiful mask after scolding someone; those with power might seem righteous and upright, but no one could actually be certain.

No vulnerabilities could be exposed.

If that happened, Li Mengran’s reputation would be at stake.

Yang Ming knew that even if the matter fell through, he had a backup.

That was probably the case in this country.

If a girl had been attacked in that manner, there would often be people who would jump out to question her behaviour.

The worst had yet to come; according to statistics, those insults and discussion would often be from females themselves.

The words they used were simply unimaginable.


Fu Jiu had never been kind and had always been clear about human’s nature.

This clarity urged her into taking Li Mengran as her girlfriend because if anything were to happen, no one would associate it with money as her boyfriend was both handsome and wealthy.

Fu Jiu lifted her head to glance at the rear mirror, mmh… she wasn’t handsome right now; pretty would be the more appropriate term.

Finally, the data started to run.

Live stream sites weren’t that hard to infiltrate; on the contrary, these network programs contained many loopholes.

This provided much ease for Fu Jiu’s operations.

In general, recordings would be broadcasted on several live stream platforms and the accounts were managed by rising broadcasters.

Hence, after the recording was played, a buzz was swiftly stirred up.

“F*ck, am I on the wrong channel? Doesn’t seem like it though! Isn’t my goddess supposed to be on live broadcast? Why is there no image and just a voice recording of two males!”

“The one upstairs, stop talking and listen!”

“F*ck ,f*ck! That’s disgusting! Where is this recording from?! Who exactly is the person in the recording?”

“That person mentioned a young girl and her results?! He said that he controls her results, which means he is a teacher!”

“F*ck, he is such a bast*rd! Tell me who exactly is he, I’m going to kill him!”

“What’s the result? How did the situation play out? Why is only half the recording played? Will the girl be alright?”

“After listening to this recording, I feel a need to ask my sister if she has been bullied in school recently.”

“I will not place so much emphasis on my daughter’s results from now on.”

“Wait a minute, look at the comments!”

“If you wish to know more, watch live stream 009 at 8 pm tonight.” Everyone would be shown this line after listening to the recording.

That night, no one had appetite. So instead of eating, they were heading straight to channel 009.

In an instant, the channel’s interview volume skyrocketed and was continually increasing, even though it was still 20 minutes before the live broadcast.

In this short 20 minutes, the main leads of the recording weren’t aware and even the police hadn’t noticed anything.

Yet, at this moment, Fu Jiu had already arrived at Pure Color…