Chapter 559 - Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 2

Chapter 559: Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 2

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At the same time in the Qin building.

Director Huang received a phone call just as he was about to leave. “Live stream?” He frowned. “That’s weird, trace the location it’s being dissipated from right now and send me the link to the live stream.”

“Yes sir.” He hung up.

Director Huang turned towards Qin Mo. “I’m afraid I have a favour to ask before we begin searching for Z.”

Qin Mo lifted a brow.

Director Huang lowered his voice. “An hour ago, a recording was released on the Internet, you should listen to it.”

He pressed the screen on his phone.

Qin Mo listened to the recording, his profile ever so perfect. “Play it again.”

“Eh?” Even though he was skeptical, he did as he was told.

“Stop.” Qin Mo pushed himself up with his left hand. “If I were you, I would first investigate all the deputies in Jiang City with the surname Liu. Afterwhich, zero in on their activities for today.”

Director Huang caught on instantly. “The person in his recording is called Deputy with the surname Liu?!”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly but his words were impactful. “The term deputy is only used in government jobs.”

Director Huang was certain this wasn’t a wasted trip.

This guy in front of him was born to do this!

Regardless of whether it was in the past or right now, as long as he was around, the case could be cracked swiftly!

This explained the high number of cases that was solved in those few years.

But no one would have expected him to be a high school student.

Director Huang was ecstatic and ordered his subordinate immediately.

In contrast, Qin Mo wasn’t the least bit affected. “It’s too late.”

“What?” Director Huang turned, arching a brow.

Qin Mo listened to the recording as he opened his laptop to search for the live stream.

The views skyrocketed…

Qin Mo scanned the flooded comment section before glancing up. “There is less than 20 minutes left, by the time you trace them, the live stream would probably be over.”

“Then-then, what should we do?” Despite his vast experience, this was the first time Director Huang had come across such a situation.

Qin Mo tapped the screen, his gaze clear. “Go down, board your car and watch the live stream. Once it begins, activate the police in all areas to clear the road. This would be the most time efficient method.”

“Alright! I’ll get them on standby!” Director Huang was starting to panic.

The contents of the recording couldn’t just be ignored because no one would have the courage to fabricate such things.

If the contents were fake, the vlogger would face at least five years of jail time.

Hence, it wasn’t just a publicity stunt.

It was very likely to be real.

That was the tricky part.

If the contents were real, it would be a human trafficking case involving students by a mastermind who seemed to possess an influential background.

Even though Director Huang was greedy, he would never commit such immoral acts.

Who exactly is this bast*rd!

And who exactly recorded their conversation?