Chapter 560 - Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 3

Chapter 560: Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 3

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“The person that released the video isn’t a rookie,” Qin Mo spoke, “The police probably won’t be able to trace her.”

Director Huang coughed. “We are still working on it.”

“Working till it ends?” Qin Mo arched a brow, pressing the intercom. “Get Fatty over, this isn’t training, let him know it’s his favorite activity, tracing a hacker.”


Director Huang eyes shot up at that word. “Did you just say hacker?”

“Only a hacker would be able to broadcast the same recording on over thirty platforms in one day.”

Qin Mo stood up, his long slender fingers fastening the button on his coat, eluding a strong sense of abstinence.


15 minutes before the start of the live stream.

Fu Jiu took another look at her watch on her wrist, then lifted her lids towards the luminous building ahead.

Countless luxury cars drove in, but no one noticed the 24-hour convenient store in front of Pure Color, which had a good view.

If they took a closer look through the window towards the sitting area, they would definitely catch sight of the silver MacBook which lay open beside an ordinary bowl of Oden.

The MacBook concealed the user’s face.

The ten fingers which flew across the keyboard produced repeated but clear typing sounds.

It sounded like she was playing a game, but with just one look at her screen, you could tell that she wasn’t playing. Rows of data ran through her deep-set eyes, hinting at the attack she was engaging in.

Pure Color might seem to have tight security, but their network was extremely insecure.

The more people connected to the network, the more loopholes would appear.

Therefore, the security room, in particular, was the best place for an attack.

Fu Jiu’s fingers landed swiftly. In less than three minutes, the virus was planted.

Of course, this type of virus required a follow-up.

Laptops couldn’t be carried conveniently, but tablets could.

Thus, the laptop was the main engine and hence, had to be left here to conduct the live stream while she would take the tablet with her.

After preparing everything, she stood up and ordered another bowl of Oden before asking directions for the washroom.

It was to put on an act, so that the cashier would leave her laptop alone.

The cashier found her familiar, but it was probably due to her beauty. When she smiled, her eyes turned into crescents.

“Washroom? The washroom is behind, turn left after exiting.”

“Thank you.”

Fu Jiu curved her lips again. After she left the store, she didn’t turn left but headed in the direction of Pure Color instead.

In five minutes, the live stream would start playing, but she couldn’t just enter; she had wait for her bait — Liu Ming.

Time started to trickle past.

Liu Ming glanced at the endless traffic before turning towards the passenger seat. “We won’t be able to drive in, you can alight here.”

Ever since the call from her mother, Li Mengran’s heart had been in a knot. She never would have expected her mother to force her to this man.