Chapter 562 - Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 5

Chapter 562: Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin in Pure Color 5

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The expectant netizens lit up, the comment section exploded!

“Video? There is a video?!”

“Wait a minute, where is this? Why does it look so familiar?”

“I can only say this is a nightclub.”

“F*ck! I remember this, it’s Pure Color! It can’t be wrong, it’s Pure Color!”

Pure Color?

Fatty turned over towards captain beside him.

Qin Mo crossed his legs, tilting his head over, his gaze dark in contrast to his pale skin. He looked like a vampire, his orders in particular amplified the indolent, icy cold aura. “Start the attack, zero in on the target.”

“Yes, Sir.”

Fatty was genuinely excited, he had never acted this way before… even his fingers were trembling.

Director Huang glanced towards him at the back. “Is he alright like that?”

“Carsick is the worst it’ll get,” Qin Mo replied nonchalantly.

Fatty began to trace the IP address in the car in order to save time.

The crackling sound of typing echoed off the keyboard.

Qin Mo lowered his lids towards his phone, there still wasn’t a response.

Just three minutes after the broadcast had begun, the views were over a million.

No one could be sure how this vlogger got hold of these images, but they could see him walk forward.

Once night fell, Pure Color would enter a crazy party state.

After entering the lobby, many beautiful girls came into sight. The crowd all seemed rather young.

Fu Jiu walked casually, exactly like the countless others, who came to have fun. No one could spot the tiny video camera tied to her black bow tie.

Those who entered this nightclub had to go through a full body scan; but Liu Ming didn’t have to.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes.

Fortunately, she didn’t bring anything. Hence, she also entered swiftly, but he was still a distance away.

Liu Ming didn’t make any stops in the lobby, instead, he headed towards the corridor area to make a call.

Just as Fu Jiu was about to walk forward, she heard a familiar voice.

“F*ck, this place is as crowded as usual, I guess there’s hope in leaving our monkhood!”

It was Lin Feng.

Shock ran through her gaze as she ducked abruptly to avoid the approaching person.

It wasn’t just Lin Feng, Yun Hu, Feng Shang, and the other… all Supreme Alliance members were here.

She suddenly remembered that Manager Feng had arranged for them to play at Pure Color to gear up for the training for the National League.

If that was true… then was the Almighty here as well?

Fu Jiu’s mind churned as she continued to walk forward.

She couldn’t allow anyone from Supreme Alliance to see her, especially not the Almighty. She had to keep a safe distance.

But all of this was not the point.

The main point was the security ahead.

The corridor was obviously a restricted area, but Li Mengran was ahead.

Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, silently counting to 15 before approaching the corridor.

“Lady, unauthorized entry isn’t allowed, please leave.”

Fu Jiu acted surprised, her voice weak and feeble. “Teacher wanted me to come for extra lessons, there must be a mistake. I’ll head elsewhere to take a look.”

“Wait a minute.” Liu Ming, who had already sent Li Mengran into the room, suddenly came back out of the corridor.