Chapter 563 - Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 6

Chapter 563: Coincidental Meeting With Almighty Qin In Pure Color 6

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Fu Jiu turned slowly, her face still slightly lowered.

Her actions further exemplified her role as a pure young girl.

Just the sight of her school uniform placed a smile on Liu Ming’s face. Besides, he had already sent one of them in, so another one would bring more money.

Deputy Liu wasn’t the only one inside — there was another one, who also favoured the ‘pure’ type.

“Extra lessons are being held here.” Yang Ming showed an enthusiasm like never before.

Fu Jiu didn’t follow him immediately, instead, she glanced about nervously. “But this doesn’t look like a place for extra lessons, and my teacher isn’t here.”

“I’m friends with your teacher.” Yang Ming was aware that he wasn’t the only supplier in Jiang City, other teachers were in this as well, but they weren’t like him, they just tried their luck on any silly student they came across.

Very obviously, at this moment, he thought Fu Jiu was one of those silly students.

“Your teacher is waiting in the room ahead, he mentioned that a student would be heading over,” Yang Ming continued. “Isn’t he Mr Li? The bespectacled one around thirty years old.”

Great, another one down.

In fact, Fu Jiu wasn’t aware of Mr Li’s existence.

But since she managed to put Yang Ming at ease, she decided to play along.

“You know Mr Li?” Fu Jiu struggled to keep her voice sounding feeble.

“Of course.” Yang Ming laughed. “We’re colleagues. Let’s go, I’ll bring you there.”

Fu Jiu pretended to hesitate before nodding.

Yang Ming then pushed his spectacles upwards, his smile turning sinister; she really is dumb.

At that very moment, the livestream viewers started to boil in agitation.

“Ah, ah, ah, don’t follow him!”

“F*ck, this can’t do, someone in Pure Color hurry and save the damsel in distress!”

“It won’t be possible for the patrons in Pure Color to be watching the livestream.”

“You guys don’t have to worry, the vlogger must be aware of their real intentions, this is obviously an act to infiltrate the enemy.”

“That seems logical.”

“Even so, the broadcaster sounds like a young lady, in the face of such a beast… No, I’m heading to Pure Color now!”

It wasn’t just the netizens, Qin Mo could see the livestream as well. A thought seemed to have struck him as his lips curved into a smile. “Brilliant.”

“What’s brilliant?” Director Huang was still in a panic. “Why is the traffic so bad! The team near Pure Color, hurry over now, the search warrant can be applied afterwards. Who did you say you are afraid of? Jiang family?”

Director Huang turned towards the person beside him.

Qin Mo replied calmly, “Get them to explain the situation clearly before entering, the Jiang family aren’t that money minded.”

Director Huang nodded, wiping his sweat again. With such a huge matter at stake, his heart was palpitating from the adrenaline.

“Oh right, what did you mean by brilliant?” Director Huang wasn’t senile, he knew that everything this man said was useful.

Qin Mo lifted his arm to look at his wrist. “Director Huang, do you know the reason behind this hacker’s livestream?”