Chapter 564 - Untitled

Chapter 564: Untitled

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Director Huang wasn’t slow, after all. “If she didn’t act like this, those that are implicated would probably use their background to escape or bribe the officials, so that no justice would be upheld for the female student. Aye, this hacker has no trust in us at all, there is no way we would let these bast*rds off!”

“That’s all the afterthought.” Qin Mo titled his gaze, his voice calm. “Simply put, she wanted to save the girl and by releasing the news, the police would be alerted. By then, even if she didn’t do much, the police would take action and capture them. Maybe they would capture her as well, but before they arrive, she would have enough time to escape.”

Director Huang widened his mouth. “You, you mean that the police have been acting under her orders?”

Qin Mo remained silent, a silent agreement.

Director Huang started to fume. “This-this hacker is simp-simply…”

“Let’s find the person first.” Qin Mo glanced at Fatty. “How’s it going?”

Fatty lifted his lids, replying seriously, “I suspect there are two people operating, captain, take a look. This is the IP address I have located, it isn’t in Pure Colour. But the broadcaster is inside right now, isn’t that odd?”

“It’s a little odd.” Qin Mo glanced at the traffic outside, tilting his face in thought.

At this moment, the two men in the room were still clueless.

They couldn’t keep their hands to themselves the moment they saw Li Mengran and had started to roam their hands over her. At that moment, Liu Ming pushed another one in.

With a thud, the wooden door before Fu Jiu slammed shut!

She lowered her lids and in the next second, Li Mengran was threatening the other two with a blade. “If you come any closer, I’m going to kill you!”

“Old Liu, you deal with that one, I’m going to have a talk with this little lady.” The older man pounced at Fu Jiu with his seductive face.

Neither of them knew that their current behavior was being broadcasted live!

Outside Pure Color, Qin Mo pushed open the car door and emerged. He scanned the surrounding, passing the convenient store before retracting back, his gaze dimming. “Director Huang, you can head in first, I’ll take a look over there.”

As they were already at Pure Color, Director Huang couldn’t hold it in any longer, dashing instantly.

Qin Mo stuffed one hand in his pocket and pushed the door of the convenient store open with the other. Regardless of the situation, he was always so nonchalant.

“Welcome,” the shop attendant greeted before heading over to take a look; his eyes lit up.

What’s with all the hotties today!

Qin Mo looked calm, eluding an enigmatic aura.

The moment he saw the small laptop in the dining area, his gaze paused slightly before heading over. He asked in a low tone, “Where is the lady that was here?”

“So you’re here to find her.” The shop attendant understood. “She went to the ladies’ room 1 , but it has been a while, she will probably be back soon.”

Ladies’ room?

A corner of his lips curved upwards.

This place had a great view as it was exactly opposite of Pure Color.

The laptop was clearly in operation, but the screen was dark, something was obviously happening.

Since the main engine was here, the owner would definitely come back to get it…