Chapter 565 - Fu Jiu's Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin

Chapter 565: Fu Jiu’s Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin

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As for the one inside, she would be gone once the police entered.

Hence, the best method was to wait for her to come back.

“Sir?” The shop attendant stood beside him questioningly.

Qin Mo turned, his ravishing profile restrained. “Can I please get one cup of Americano?”

“Ah? Alright, this instant.”

So he really was here to find someone. The shop attendant was starting to get suspicious of his actions.

If Director Huang were to hear of Qin Mo sipping coffee elegantly while they slaved, he would definitely throw a fit!

Pure Color. Ever since he shut the door and the girl he pulled in had lifted her lids, Yang Ming felt a sense of familiarity, but he couldn’t seem to place his finger on it.

“That’s odd, with such beautiful looks, I would have had a strong impression of her,” Yang Ming muttered to himself outside the room. He listened to the intimate noises which emerged from within as he thought about his dreams of progression.

Li Mengran was a little too fierce but after today, it would be a done deal.

As for the other girl, he wasn’t the least bit concerned. Just one look and he could tell she didn’t have a mind of her own, she probably wouldn’t make much of a fuss.

Fu Jiu didn’t have a mind of her own?

That was simply hilarious.

She ducked to avoid the obese middle-aged men, her palms pressed against the ground and her head lowered, looking every bit the feeble young girl she was acting as. But actually, she just wanted to avoid the camera capturing Li Mengran’s face. It should only take in both men’s disgusting behavior. “I must have entered the wrong room, you must have made a mistake, I’m here for extra lessons. The person lied to me saying he is a teacher.”

“Darling, he is indeed a teacher.” One of the men turned, adding another line, “You didn’t enter the wrong room, Uncle can teach you if you need extra lessons.”

Li Mengran never expected to see another victim in the room.

She had already made a decision, even if it cost her life, she would never let them have their way.

But now, the girl without a weapon was clearly turning into their sacrificial lamb.

What should she do?

What was she going to do?

Li Mengran’s hands started to tremble as she tossed the fruit platter aside. With a pale face, she shouted towards the man who was preparing to pounce onto Fu Jiu, “Aren’t you afraid of retribution?!”

“Retribution.” The man chuckled. “Who would dare to harm us? Darling, you must not watch much news, do you? Don’t worry, Uncle will take good care of you.”

Li Mengran stumbled back in a panic.

The blade in her palms was stained with blood.

She originally assumed it was the end.

However, the next second, she heard a loud thud!

The man approaching her was knocked flat onto the ground.

Li Mengran froze, sitting on the ground in a daze. The girl who had been trembling from fear earlier tugged her tie aside. With her left palm on the ground, she bolted upright. She grabbed the wine bottle at the side and with the strength in her arms, she smashed it onto the man’s head.

After a loud crack, wine spilled everywhere.

The man couldn’t withstand the impact and fainted.

The other man couldn’t believe his eyes, so his first reaction was to seek help.

But before he could say a word, the new girl reached out for his neck, her move agile and mesmerizing. “I’m going to slice your neck if you say a word.”