Chapter 566 - Fu Jiu's Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin 2

Chapter 566: Fu Jiu’s Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin 2

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Li Mengran realized that the girl’s voice was no longer feeble. Instead, it had hardened and contained a sinister vibe. She seemed like a demoness that had finally shown her true self.

The higher the person climbed, the more they feared death.

He glanced at the shattered glass near himself, his face paling, his lips chattering. “I-I’m not going to shout.”

“Open the door.”

Li Mengran wasn’t aware that these three words were directed at her.

Seeing no reaction from her, Fu Jiu coughed lightly. “Miss Li.”

Li Mengran came back to her senses, glancing at her back view.

The girl didn’t turn her head, but her voice was much warmer. “Do you have the strength to move?”

“Mmh!” Li Mengran glanced over to the man, he seemed to be on the verge of fainting. She bolted up, tugging on the lock, hoping that her actions could be faster, just a little faster.


The door was finally open.

Li Mengran turned back, her gaze glistening as she glanced at the other girl’s lit-up back view.

The girl didn’t lift her lids, but said only one sentence, “Go out, the police should be here, you will be fine.”

“What about you?” Li Mengran’s heart was still trembling.

The girl’s voice was calm as she replied, “I’ll serve as a backup.”

Li Mengran nodded, but the moment she stepped out of the wooden door, she heard the door being shut.


Li Mengran was thoroughly confused.

She was worried about the girl inside, thus, her first reaction was to call the police.

At this moment at the other end of the corridor, Yang Ming was still enjoying his cigarette. Suddenly, a large crowd of police officers came rushing in, heading towards his direction.

The security dressed in black covered the pathway, announcing to the police, “Deputy Liu and Chief Zhang are inside, even if you are on duty, you would have to wait till their meeting is over.”

This meant, to put it simply, don’t you know where this is? How dare you investigate here.

Yang Ming took a puff, not a hint of fear in his eyes.

With the two guards around, even the police were useless.

This had happened before when someone had reported them, but back then the police were just released as a formality.

This time, however, Yang Ming was wrong.

Director Huang took a step forward, his voice was solemn. “Meeting? Committing crimes you mean. Investigate now! Regardless of who is inside, take them to the station.”


The two security guards had more to say, but the next second, they were pressed to the ground.

Yang Ming bit his cigarette, stunned by the scene.

“He is the teacher that brought the student in.”

Fatty held his laptop with one hand and pointed to Yang Ming with the other.

Yang Ming paled instantly!

The police acted swiftly.

Yang Ming didn’t even have time to process how their secret transaction was exposed.

Just then, Li Mengran came running over with tears in her eyes. “Hurry, she’s still inside, there’s another girl inside!”

Director Huang and Fatty exchanged a glance, signaling the manager to open the door.

“This, the door is locked from inside!”

The manager was soaked in sweat from the stress yet, Director Huang couldn’t wait any longer. “Bang down the door!”

The two policemen exchanged glances before kicking the door in unison, producing a resounding thud!

The door opened.

The room was lit.

In the middle of the light, Deputy Liu and Chief Zhang sat back to back. Their bottoms were stripped off in order to tie up their wrists. Their hair was soaked with alcohol, their beer bellies protruding. The amiable image they portrayed on the news was replaced with ugliness and distress.