Chapter 567 - Fu Jiu’s Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin 3

Chapter 567: Fu Jiu’s Coincidental Meeting with Almighty Qin 3

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Du, du, du!

Fatty’s laptop released a signal to indicate they had reached the location.

He followed the signal and found a black tie lying on the coffee table.

There wasn’t anything special about it, but its location made it suspicious.

Fatty reached out to caress the tie, interest and curiosity spreading across his face. “It’s a miniature video camera.”

“We can deal with that later, where’s the hacker?” Director Huang was intent on arresting everyone as otherwise, it would be hard to tie up the case.

Fatty pointed ahead. “It’s the laptop behind this camera, as for the person, you would have to ask these two bast*rds.”

Both Deputy Liu and Chief Zhang had their mouths stuffed, their eyes fixed upwards.

Therefore, Director Huang released their mouths. “Where is she?”

“You’re too slow!” Deputy Liu frowned. “The criminal has escaped, someone barged in to threaten us and had committed such a despicable act. Is this how the police work?”

Chief Zhang eluded a more imposing vibe. “Bring our clothes here right now.”

“You seem to be mistaken.” Fatty pouted. “We are here to arrest the both of you, not some other criminal.

Director Huang had wanted to pursue the hacker’s location, but these two bast*rds were actually questioning the police’s ability?!

He couldn’t help but miss out on this prime chance. So he turned towards Li Mengran. “Is the other girl really in the room?”

Li Mengran glanced at the scene stoically; before she had left, there was clearly someone…

In front of plenty of computers, the eyes of countless netizens were glued to the video — even though the screen had been black for three minutes.

No one left their seats.

The next scene captured the police officers, who came barging in.

This was more exciting than a thriller movie.

Of course, when the two bast*rds started to deny their actions, the comment section exploded once more.

“There’s nothing left to be said, higher-ups, please investigate them.”

“If the two of them aren’t sentenced, I would never believe in justice again.”

“Don’t forget their backgrounds.”

“Who cares about their backgrounds, let the relevant authorities know our power.”

“What’s with all these, what has any of these got to do with you guys? The girl might have been willing. This vlogger as well, why bother about other people’s privacy, such rubbish! Get lost!”

“F*ck, willing, have you seen the live stream? How can you take it so lightly, the girl used a blade to fight for her life, I don’t care about others but as a mother, these teachers and deputies have to be dealt with. I’m not a very dignified person, but at the very least, I don’t wish for my daughter to meet with such incidences.”

“Me too. Even though I’m not married, but as a female, I really wish to know why whenever such things happen, the female will always be deemed to be willing? Is that really the main point? Shouldn’t the bast*rds be punished?!”

“Despicable behavior would always follow these people, for the person that insulted the girl, I have just one sentence for you, you are the same kind as those bast*rds!”

“What about the vlogger, what did she go? What’s next? We have to personally see the two bast*rds be punished in order to get a good night sleep.”

Inside the convenient store, Qin Mo sat in front of the window with a piping hot cup of Americano, reading the comment section leisurely as the live stream continued to play. His expression remained calm when he called Director Huang, saying only one word, “Ceiling.”