Chapter 568 - Waiting for the Prey

Chapter 568: Waiting for the Prey

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After hearing his words, Director Huang hit his head in exasperation!

“Yes, the ceiling!”

But how were they going to go up?

Director Huang lifted his lids to look above his head.

Qin Mo frowned, seemingly displeased with the Americano. “Forget it if you can’t go up.”

“Are you doubting my ability? You horrid boy! I’m going to climb right this instant! No, where exactly are you? How do you know our current situation?!”

Director Huang’s questions came flooding, too much for Qin Mo’s interest, hence, he hung up. He leaned his chin on his hand, his finger tapping the table sporadically, his eyes shut.

Come on.

Let me see who you are.

Inside Pure Color, the customers on the dance floor had no clue what had happened as a swarm of police came barging in.

The police started to knock the ceiling. It was chaotic mess.

Fatty still held onto his laptop, his appearance striking.

Lin Feng spotted him from afar, dashing over to tap his shoulder. “Fatty, didn’t Captain call for you? What are you doing here?”

“It’s a long story.” Fatty would often mimic a historian’s talking style. “This…”

Yun Hu didn’t wait for his long story, his eyes dimming. “Team Leader is here as well.”

“Ah, yes!” Fatty shrieked. “Team Leader is still waiting for my report at the convenience store!”

Lin Feng arched a brow. “The convenience store opposite? Let’s go together, we won’t be able to play anymore in this situation. But it’s weird, didn’t Captain say he wasn’t coming?”

It wasn’t easy for the Supreme Alliance members to leave the club as police stood at the exit to check everyone’s identity.

At this moment in a corner of Pure Color, there was a tiny commotion.

Those that were unaware might have blamed it on rats, but if they paid attention, the noise was clearly coming from the ceiling.

After two creaks, someone jumped out of the air vent.

It wasn’t anyone else, but Fu Jiu.

She still wore the white shirt and uniform, her hair a mess, eluding a charismatic beauty.

“Whew, it’s been some time since I crossed such a special pathway, that sure was stuffy.”

Fu Jiu wiped off her sleeve, but in the corner of her eyes, she spotted some policemen checking the other air vents.

Needless to say, they were looking for her.

Fu Jiu frowned, turning rapidly and heading towards the lift nearby.

” They could actually guess that I was using the air vents, the police aren’t that dumb, after all, ” Fu Jiu thought, but she would never say it out loud. She was lucky to have been fast enough, leaving just when the police started taking action.

Right now, she was just another customer.

Familiar with their workings, she was sure they would be at the entrance, hence, Fu Jiu didn’t hurry out, but took instead the elevator to the basement floor.

There was a skateboard in the carpark. Fu Jiu pressed her slender left leg forward, skating out of Pure Color. No one noticed at all.

Endless streams of police cars came rushing over through the crowd that was attracted over by the livestream.

This was a first for Pure Color.

It was packed from inside out.

Cars were jamming the streets.

It was pure chaos…