Chapter 569 - They Meet

Chapter 569: They Meet

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The public didn’t seem the least bit cold as they stood amidst the fog, which really was a sight.

With no doubt, such a situation aided her escape.

Fu Jiu lifted a corner of her lips, sending the skateboard into the bushes.

She stuffed her hands into the pockets of her jacket, lifting her gaze towards the 24-hour convenient store across the street before heading over.

Even if the police brushed past her, they would never suspect someone who was on her way to the convenient store.

Director Huang would never have expected the culprit to have left Pure Color while they were still searching.

In the end, Director Huang was left without another choice; he called a certain someone. “There isn’t anyone in the air vents or anyone suspicious on the first floor.”

“You were obviously too slow,” Qin Mo replied calmly. “Also, you definitely won’t find anything on the first floor. If she wanted to leave, she would have used the basement carpark. It would be easier for her to conceal herself and escape.”

Director Huang clenched his teeth. “Why didn’t you mention that earlier?”

“Because, from the very start, you haven’t started on my request, so I wasn’t feeling too good.” Qin Mo’s fingers paused, his tone still calm. “I have something up, bye.”

Something up?

What else is he up to other than the case?

Did he find something?

Director Huang could be quite quick in some matters.

Qin Mo had indeed found something.

There was definitely something wrong with the person who didn’t join the action and had instead disappeared in the opposite direction.

Qin Mo lifted his head, put his silver phone away and stood up.

The sky was starting to dim, but the lights from the cars lit up the surrounding, giving an illusion of daytime.

The members of the Supreme Alliance were still in the queue for their identification check

Lin Feng was starting to get annoyed but remained cooperative nonetheless.

“Let them go.” Wu Zhen took long strides forward in her police uniform and cap, her gaze scanning past the members. “I know them, there won’t be a problem.”

Another policeman hesitated. “But Director Huang said…”

“The vlogger is a female. Which one of them here looks like a girl to you?” Wu Zhen interrupted.

The policeman didn’t rebut, nodding as he let them off.

Lin Feng was bewildered, he wasn’t even close to this policewoman, why would she help them out?

Before he could figure it out, Wu Zhen turned towards Fatty. “Brother Mo is also in this mission, right? If not, the police wouldn’t barge into Pure Color so quickly.”

Fatty couldn’t lie, so he diverted his gaze elsewhere.

Wu Zhen caught on instantly, breaking into a smile. “I visited the Qin family recently and had requested for him to rejoin the crime unit. Is he still around?”

Fatty kept telling himself not to look at the convenient store, but things often didn’t go the way you wanted, he couldn’t stop his gaze from casting over.

Initially, Wu Zhen didn’t realize he was looking at the convenience store because due to the huge number of people and cars, a crowd was starting to form in front of the convenient store.

After a few seconds, she caught on, her mouth widening into a smile. “Is he in the convenient store?”


He really was a betrayer.

Fatty slapped his palms onto his head.

At this moment, Fu Jiu had just reached the convenience store. Without a thought, she pushed open the glass door.