Chapter 57

Chapter 57: Putting up Almighty’s First Night for Auction

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Fu Jiu realized that more and more people were gathering around as they were playing.

And those people all had the same shiny golden titles as Almighty Qin on top of their heads.

Fu Jiu raised her eyebrow as she held the lollipop in her mouth. She smiled shallowly and messaged Qin Mo: “Almighty Qin, you really are popular. All the nation’s professional team players are here for you.”

Qin Mo glanced at the screen and didn’t care one bit. “Don’t look around and focus on the monsters.”

Why was he so cold?

Fu Jiu flicked her finger as she released a powerful attack.

The boss was taken down!

FC accomplished!

Spade Z’s and Qin Mo’s names were both pinned up high on the server announcement board.

It was very late at night already, but all the cyber citizens’ passion wasn’t smothered at all. They were all staring at the screen!

No matter whether they were people in internet cafés or those in professional league teams, they sent requests again and again, hoping that Spade Z would take their requests.

Fu Jiu’s crafty eyes shimmered when she took in the situation. She sent a message with a sinister smile, “Tonight’s last request will go to the highest bidder.”

Last request?!

The manager was absolutely not letting his chance of enslaving his CEO slip away!

So he started bidding!

He instantly raised the bid to 10000 yuan at once!

People in the game world never lacked money.

Who wouldn’t want to get closer to their idol?

Wasn’t it just money, right!?

Add more!

Momentarily, the screen became an auction.

The price for raiding a dungeon jumped from 5000 yuan to 50000 yuan!

Fu Jiu crossed her long legs. The fringe of her silver hair was ruffled up from wearing headphones. Seeing the price go up nonstop, she sent an honest message to Qin Mo by accident. “Almighty, why does it feel like I’m auctioning off your first night, hahahaha…”

“Fu, Jiu!”

Despite being separated by a screen, Fu Jiu could still feel the teeth-grinding hatred from that man.

“If you don’t shut up, I will kick you out, along with your laptop!”

Qin Mo’s eyes were deep and gloomy, and his long slim fingers were on the mouse. Grasping it tightly, he tried with great effort to contain his rage, to no avail; he still ended up sending that out.

Secretary Liang saw this when he came in.

One look at Qin Mo and he retreated swiftly.

So scary!

CEO was possessed by a demon!

He only made two phone calls and briefly reported the situation.

Why did CEO become so bloodthirsty!

He felt that CEO would crush the neck of anyone who went inside!

So scaaaaary!

People in love were all absurd!

One second he was smiling and the next second, he just turned murderous.

Secretary Liang couldn’t help but make another phone call, “Madam, is that you? Yes, it’s me. I think that CEO was arguing with the other party. Yes, right, like those smalls tiffs between young couples…”

In fact, the moment she sent the message, even Fu Jiu found it improper. After all, Qin Mo had helped her make so much money.

So after a few moments of consideration, she added.

“Don’t worry, if your first night were auctioned off, I would be the first one to make a bid on it. I wouldn’t let anyone steal it away.”

Even though they were chatting privately, Qin Mo still wanted to drag that guy out from the computer and smash his mouth.

Except for playing games, this guy was no good. He only made people want to kill him every single minute!

He would change this habit of teasing and flirting someday!