Chapter 570 - Sweet Collision

Chapter 570: Sweet Collision

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“Welcome,” the shop attendant greeted once again.

After climbing through the ceiling, she couldn’t help but admit the comfort that this warm greeting brought about.

Fu Jiu lifted her lids, smiling back at the shop attendant before heading back to her original seat.

Her gaze swept across the table; her things hadn’t been touched.


“Miss.” The shop attendant smiled. “This is for you.”

A cup of Oden which was still warm.

Fu Jiu lifted her brows and smiled. “You must have forgotten, you have already given me the Oden before I went to the bathroom.”

“No, it isn’t the same bowl.” The shop attendant hurriedly explained, “This bowl is from your friend.”


A chill ran through her spine, only one word forming in her mind: Busted!

“You friend has been waiting for some time.” The shop attendant continued, seemingly confused, “He said that you must be hungry after climbing through the ceiling.”

Fu Jiu’s pupils contracted.

At this time, another voice interrupted her thoughts.

It was a deep and magnetizing voice which unknowingly sent chills through her spine.

“Why aren’t you accepting it? Was I wrong? Do you not like Oden?” Qin Mo still held a cup of Americano in his hand, but he had deliberately moved to a spot concealed by the snack station. He took a step out, his gaze fixed on the girl’s back. His voice was calm. “Miss Vlogger.”

She didn’t need to turn.

Fu Jiu already knew who he was.

That explained how the police knew she was in the air vent.

Everything made sense if it had been ordered by the Almighty.

As the footsteps approached, she decided to take charge of the situation. “Brother Mo, it’s me.”

Qin Mo froze midstep, glancing at the familiar face and deep gaze in front of him; light rays bounced off the youngster’s eyes, it was simply mesmerising.

It’s him!

It’s actually him.

Qin Mo had once suspected youngster, but originally, he had assumed that Z was involved.

Was it just a copy?

Qin Mo’s brows gradually knitted together.

“Brother Mo.” Fu Jiu took another step forward, her left hand grabbing onto his wrist. “I can explain. You can turn me in, but remember to bail me out.”

Regardless of who it was, their heart would definitely stir from a touch by such a beauty.

Qin Mo always prided himself in being impartial — but in the face of this nonchalant guy who wanted him to bail him out, Qin Mo’s resolve started to waver.

His fingers tightened, looking at her from top to bottom.

The lips which were under his deep gaze were within reach.

The youngster in a female getup.

He could only think of anything else; something seemed out of his control.

Blood surged through him, sending his body temperature upwards.

Besides, the youngster was directing those glistening eyes at him. She looked every bit the demoness with her jet-black and long hair, the white shirt and skin as perfect as white jade. There was still a faint red hue on her cheeks, probably due to exhaustion from climbing through the air vent.

At this moment, the glass door was opened once again.

Before the Supreme Alliance members entered, Lin Feng’s voice could be heard. “Captain, you are actually here! Wait a minute, is that a girl beside him?”