Chapter 571 - Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

Chapter 571: Kiss, Kiss, Kiss

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Lin Feng wasn’t the only one in a daze, the entire Supreme Alliance team behind him was stunned.

Wasn’t their captain attending to important business?

Was this his important business?

The main point was, this was the first time that there was a girl beside their captain!

Lin Feng nudged Yun Hu, who wore a face of bewilderment.

Wu Zhen was the last to enter. When she saw the scene in the convenience store, her lit up face darkened a few notches. “Brother Mo, what are you doing? Have you captured suspect?”

Just by the noise itself, Fu Jiu could tell a crowd had gathered.

If the Almighty wanted to expose her in this situation, she could only leave with the police and think about another plan afterward.

But before she could speak, someone tugged her left hand.

The next second, a familiar aromatic masculine scent flooded her senses.

Qin Mo didn’t look at anyone, pressing onto the table behind Fu Jiu, his entire body bending low. He disregarded the shock that ran through the pair of eyes and pressed his lips down for a deep kiss!

That noble and dashing side profile, which was visible through the glass window, looked straight out of a romance movie poster.

The sirens were still wailing outside.

Other than the sharp inhales, the sound of sirens filled the air.

Fu Jiu couldn’t seem to focus on the chaotic scene behind her.

Her heart thumped as his cold lips collided with hers.

His kiss was just like him; overbearing, valiant, not allowing any concessions, but still tender.

Lin Feng was at loss for words, his eyes wide as he pointed towards them. “This-this-this…” What’s with this situation, was he flaunting his love right now?

Yun Hu was still in a daze.

Basically, no one anticipated Qin Mo’s actions.

Only the Almighty could act with such oblivion in front of an audience.

Wu Zhen’s eyes started to redden, jealousy churning within their depths.

Fatty still held his laptop, his entire being in shock. No, wait a moment, didn’t Captain agree to locate the suspect?

The scene ahead was making him dizzy.

Fu Jiu was already dizzy, her breath was completely robbed away.

Qin Mo’s aromatic tobacco scent filled her senses, driving everything else out.

Her heart thumped rapidly and was even starting to increase from the lack of oxygen.

The kiss robbed every inch of her strength.

The second he released her, his two hands pressed behind her in an overbearingly possessive stance. He titled his head towards the left towards the crowd. “What is it?”

His words were calm, his tone — husky from the kiss — still carried a mesmerizing aura.

His perfect profile, deep gaze, and nonchalance caught the crowd off guard.

Lin Feng mustered up his courage, jumping forward to ask, “Fatty said that you were here attending to important business.”

The others nodded, directing their attention towards Qin Mo’s face.

Qin Mo was calm as usual, asking instead, “Isn’t a date important business?”


Wow! They must be hearing things!

How could their Captain be on a date?!

Next, Lin Feng was more curious about this ‘girl’ who hadn’t spoken.

He titled his head over, preparing to take a good look…