Chapter 572 - Hugging After the Kiss

Chapter 572: Hugging After the Kiss

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Qin Mo was one step ahead, reaching out to press the girl’s head deep into his chest so that her entire face was buried in his embrace.

That embrace was slightly overbearing. He directed a sharp glance over, his gaze chilly. “What is it? Are you guys here to disrupt my date?”

Who would dare!

Lin Feng wished he hadn’t come, with upturned lips. “Captain, carry on, carry on, just ignore us.”

Fu Jiu’s nose pressed tightly onto his chest. Beneath his windbreaker, he wore a white cotton shirt, which radiated his warmth. She had imagined his body to be on the colder side, which wouldn’t be nice to hug.

After two encounters, Fu Jiu thought otherwise. The Almighty’s perfect body temperature and aromatic tobacco scent was perfect for nurturing at home.

Her lips curved upwards unknowingly; she knew the series of actions was to help her.

She rubbed her head forward as a sign of gratitude.

The Almighty turned to press his thin lips onto her ear and said in a hushed tone, “If you don’t want them to see you like this, behave.”

The Almighty wasn’t appreciative of her gratitude, but the Almighty had sacrificed enough. If he hadn’t mentioned ‘putting on a show’ beforehand, Fu Jiu would have resisted the kiss — it sent an uncontrollable, numbing feeling over her. Her thoughts were a mess and all her strength had been robbed off.

Why exactly did they kiss, wasn’t a hug sufficient?

If there hadn’t been anything supporting her behind, she probably wouldn’t have been able to stand upright. Even at this moment, her heart still hadn’t calmed down.

Besides, what did Lin Feng mean?

They were going to continue watching them?

She couldn’t just stand in this position?

She reached out to tug on Qin Mo’s sleeve, her voice hushed. “Brother Mo, get them to leave.”

Qin Mo pressed onto the back of Fu Jiu’s head, his lips upturned as he replied in a teasing voice that could only be heard by the both of them, “That depends on your performance.”

What do you mean by my performance?

Were they really going to be watched the entire night?

Fu Jiu was starting to feel depressed.

How long were they going to hug?

She had a deep understanding of the Supreme Alliance members; they loved gossip, especially those within the team.

They were quick to spread whenever any of them got attached.

It was a team filled with ‘monks’, after all, which explained their behavior.

But if she was that ‘girlfriend’…

Fu Jiu froze, tugging onto the Almighty’s sleeve once again.

Qin Mo wasn’t in a hurry.

He was indeed not in a rush, if he tossed all the necessary questioning aside, this was a rather plesant stance.

“I never knew Captain was so skilled in flaunting,” Lin Feng whispered to Yun Hu.

Yun Hu remained silent, finding the entire situation odd.

Wu Zhen stood at the side, her fingers gradually tightening. In the end, she bit down on her lips. “Brother Mo, Director Huang is still waiting for your news inside.”

Qin Mo lifted his lids, his voice calm. “I will only help if he keeps his promise.”

What promise?

Wu Zhen was clueless and couldn’t be the least bit bothered.

She only had eyes for the person in front of her.


Why was it like this?

She has been beside him for so many years.

Things were about to look hopeful.

Where exactly did this girl come from?

Wu Zhen pressed her nails deep into her palms, tiny rows of crescents appearing.

“Ah, I remember!”

Lin Feng slapped his head!