Chapter 573 - The Feeling of a Date

Chapter 573: The Feeling of a Date

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“Captain, this-this, cough, cough, is she the one dressed as a demoness at the masquerade?!” Lin Feng grew increasingly excited, circling around them. “The side profile looks like her.”

Qin Mo sept a sharp gaze over as a sign of warning, but he didn’t deny the claims.

Thus, Lin Feng was much more certain. “Captain, did you confirm the relationship with a kiss?”

“Why? Can’t I?” Qin Mo leisurely arched a brow.

Lin Feng widened his mouth, was that even possible?

“Are you guys leaving?” The moment Qin Mo spoke, Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes.

Who gave her the rights?

Who gave this woman the rights to be treated in such a way by Brother Mo?

Who exactly is she?

Her inability morphed into anger.

That was how Wu Zhen felt at this moment, but that wasn’t something everyone would experience.

She wasn’t as dense as before, she knew when to advance and retreat.

She couldn’t be too aggressive as she was familiar with his temperament.

She had to figure out the girl’s background.

That was her only thought.

She wouldn’t just give up on Brother Mo — at the very least, she wanted a fair battle.

Wu Zhen couldn’t seem to comprehend that a fair battle was just her wishful thinking.

She inhaled deeply, struggling to keep her emotions in check, convincing herself that there was still time. “Since Brother Mo is busy, we should go.”


Fatty didn’t want to go, his computer had just detected something!

How was that possible?

Didn’t they already track down the IP address? Wasn’t it the black tie?

But why was there another red alert sign on the screen?

But the alert remained silent.

With just a look at Fatty’s face, Qin Mo guessed that he had more to say hence his voice hardened. “Those that aren’t going, are you planning to be vegetarian for the rest of the week? Or do you wish to train for 24 hours.”

The entire team froze, retreating backward.

Food was of utmost importance to Fatty. Besides, the moment he moved his laptop, the alert disappeared.

Was there a problem?

Fatty didn’t have the courage to ask, afraid to be without meat.

Instead, he reached out to shut his laptop.

The members of the Supreme Alliance were chased out of the convenience store just like that.

Outside, Lin Feng was still in a daze. “Do you think Captain is really dating?”

“It’s possible!” Fatty replied seriously, “that explains why he disregarded the case at hand, which is a behavior totally out of his character.”

Lin Feng felt a wave of melancholy wash through him as he glanced up at the skies. “I thought that perhaps I would be attached earlier than Captain, I never expected, someone as out of reach as the clouds to be taken. Why is someone like me, who is as grounded as the sunflower, still living without a feminine touch.”

Yun Hu swept them a glance.

Lin Feng reached out to lean against his shoulder. “Fortunately Little Spade has a girlfriend. If he had followed us to Pure Color, he would have been distressed by that kiss.”

Yun Hu arched a brow, clearly having more to add.

“You don’t have to spell it out, I understand,” Lin Feng cut him off before he could have said a word. “I have never seen anyone more emotional than Little Spade. His little butler mentioned that he had trained day in and out to reach his current level — just for our captain. He decided to walk a path he never ventured before just for someone else. Such dedication is worthy of respect.”

“Oh,” Yun Hu exclaimed. “If he really loves captain that much, why did he find a girlfriend?”

“Probably out of sadness.” Lin Feng shook his head. “After the masquerade, I sent Little Spade the photo of Captain kissing the girl. Initially, he didn’t reply but the next day, he replied with a row of 6666 and a few hours later, he got himself a girlfriend. The feeling of falling for a straight guy and having to see him kiss someone else… I understand it so well, aish, as a brother, I can empathize.”

That seemed to make sense, the timing seemed to match as well.

But… Yun Hu turned back towards the convenience store.

Why does the girl’s back view seem to similar to Little Spade’s?

Or was he over thinking?

It probably wasn’t that complicated.

Captain didn’t seem gay.

Other than the members of the Supreme Alliance, there hadn’t been anyone else in the convenience store; everyone was still surrounding Pure Color.

There was a huge commotion, obvious from the speeding police cars.

Lin Feng felt depressed. “Who exactly are they arresting, why does it seem so serious?”

It was indeed a serious incident, if it wasn’t, their captain wouldn’t be here.

Yun Hu kept the last sentence to himself, some things didn’t have to be spoken aloud.

But some had to.

Meanwhile, Qin Mo retained his position but the next time he spoke, his tone was deep. “I’m waiting for your explanation.”

But did he have to continue hugging her?

Fu Jiu wanted to inch out.

Qin Mo replied faintly, “They haven’t left and Wu Zhen is still outside.”

She had to explain in his embrace.

Besides, the feeling wasn’t bad.

But actually, the Almighty’s appearance was a sounding alarm.

He was clearly back in the crime squad.

Thus, for her future actions, she always had to be aware of who she faced.

“I had to do it.” That was her opening statement.

Qin Mo lifted a brow, remaining silent.

The person in his embrace tightened both arms. “My girlfriend was the target of the two bast*rds.”


This word.

Qin Mo paused his left hand, his eyes dimming, that photo wasn’t fabricated?

Fu Jiu was still channeling her emotions as a boyfriend. “Brother Mo, if it was you, would you be able to tolerate your girlfriend being bullied? I had to take action.”

“Even if your action might get you sued?” Qin Mo felt his warm heart chill instantly. Even though she was still in his arms, he felt a distance further than before.

Fu Jiu felt her world dimming. “That doesn’t matter, aren’t they the ones that deserve to be arrested?”

“Even if they are, it’s the police’s responsibility.” It was the first time Qin Mo returned her gaze in this situation. “It’s not up to you.”

Fu Jiu didn’t hide, her eyes shining brightly. “I didn’t want to, but it was too late. Brother Mo, since you have seen the livestream, you should be clear about the teacher’s character, i

I don’t feel safe with such a teacher near Mengran.”

Qin Mo stared at the hateful person in front of him, trying to decipher the truth in her words. He tightened his fingers, his lips upturned. “What’s with this, the power of love?”

“Yes.” Fu Jiu didn’t deny it.

But after her acknowledgment, Qin Mo’s eyes changed.

It was calm like the waters and deep like the sea in the dark, tumultuous and unfathomable, but nonetheless, Fu Jiu could sense his difference.

“Brother Mo…”

Qin Mo’s left hand gripped onto the youngster’s waist, his voice chilly. “You better stop talking about your sacrificial love.”

Fu Jiu remained silent.

No one said a word.

The temperature seemed to plunge.

The shop attendant didn’t dare to look at them.

Qin Mo released his hands in the end, the warmth leaving his eyes, his side profile distant. “How long have you been planning this?”

“Quite a while, before we went to Tokyo.” Fu Jiu knew she couldn’t tell the truth. She hung her head. “I have had feelings for Mengran for a while, you should be aware of my past self. At that time, many girls despised me but she didn’t, hence, after I had revealed my real appearance, I have been noticing her. She loves to smile and would often be seen jumping about. When she spots delicious food, she would pause and tell others about it. I have never seen her upset before but somehow, she started to change, becoming afraid, especially in school.”

Fu Jiu was being honest about her emotions.

And because the emotions were real, Qin Mo would never have known that the person she was describing wasn’t Li Mengran, but rather someone who had passed on already.

A tenderness that came from reminiscing crept onto her face.

Qin Mo felt bitter; it tasted like the unripe apricot he had when he was young.

Once it reached his throat, it seemed too bitter to be swallowed.

“I originally planned to wait till after the National League,” Fu Jiu continued, deep darkness appearing within the depths of her eyes. “But I never expected them to be so despicable! After I found out that Mengran’s fears were because of them, I started to make preparations. Yang Ming held a condition that he used to threaten Mengran, if she didn’t agree to his demands, he would potentially make her fail. If I had waited for the police to investigate, it would have been too late. Before I made my move, I thought a lot, even during my wait here. Brother Mo, do you remember? I once told you that the view from such convenience stores was the best, but I never expected to use it this time.”

Qin Mo laughed, the corners of his lips distant. “Should I be commending your intelligence?”

Fu Jiu knew he was mad, but in order to prevent the Almighty from finding out that she was Z, she had to disguise herself well.

Once the youngster was done, he stuffed his hands into his pockets, his voice seemingly nonchalant. “Do you like her that much that you are willing to cross-dress?”

Fu Jiu opened her mouth, about to explain that it would aid the filming process, but the Almighty cut her off.

“Fu Jiu, you chose to disregard your principals for a girl. Do I get that right?

This was the first time the Almighty addressed her by her full name.

Fu Jiu lifted her head, glancing over at him.

Qin Mo grabbed his lighter and a cigarette, turning to light it; his deep features blurring under the smoke from the cigarette, his reflection on the glass window distant — with a hint of loneliness?