Chapter 574 - Did You Think I Wanted To Kiss You?

Chapter 574: Did You Think I Wanted To Kiss You?

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Fu Jiu wanted to clarify that she hadn’t forgotten her principles, but at this moment, the more she said, the more mistakes she would make.

So it was best to remain silent.

Time seemed to crawl.

She started wondering if she would be sent to the police.

Qin Mo spoke, his tone cold, “If you don’t want anyone to find out, break up with your girlfriend.”

Fu Jiu lifted her head, her lips falling apart.

“Her presence obviously isn’t going to bring about any benefits.” Qin Mo didn’t give Fu Jiu any chance to speak. He approached her, his eyes dimming. “It is also a negative influence on the National League, go think about what exactly is important.”

Qin Mo calmed his tone. “Go home with me right now, you’ll be in an enclosed environment that would aid your thought.”

Fu Jiu arched a brow, was the Almighty planning to take care of her personally?

He wouldn’t let her home or turn her in; he must still be suspicious.

But to return back with the Almighty at this hour meant that she would have to stay overnight…

Fu Jiu paused, knowing that any resistance wouldn’t be intelligent.

Fortunately, this outfit tightened her chest on top of the binding.

If not, with such a meeting, the Almighty would already be suspicious of her identity.

Fu Jiu was aware that she had to maintain a newbie’s demeanor. She could have the skill of a hacker, but not use her skills like that.

She needed to look green.

Hence, she had to follow Qin Mo’s demands.

The man beside her drove much faster than usual.

From the rear mirror, police cars could still be seen zooming past.

The Almighty wasn’t going to turn her in, but the Almighty hadn’t brought her to somewhere familiar either.

“Brother Mo, where is this?” Fu Jiu lifted her head towards the rows of the two-story complex.

Qin Mo pressed his car keys, his eyes darkening. “My place.”

“Brother Mo, you brought me to such a deserted place, are you perhaps going to shut me in here?” Even though she sounded harsh, she leaned an arm over Qin Mo’s shoulder, her lips curved into a teasing but familiar smile.

Qin Mo titled his head with an enigmatic smile. “What do you think?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

Shucks, that seems possible.

But its too late to escape.

“Go in.” Qin Mo pressed Fu Jiu’s back forward, he didn’t exert much force but carried a threatening vibe.

Fu Jiu couldn’t accustom to the sudden darkness. “It’s dark.”

Qin Mo glanced at the person in front, bending down abruptly.

Fu Jiu’s breath started to quicken, her gaze landing on the Almighty’s lips unknowingly.

“I’m just switching on the lights.” Qin Mo pressed his palm onto the wall behind Fu Jiu. When he sensed her line of sight, his lips curved into a mocking smile. “What did you think I was going to do?”

“Nothing.” Fu Jiu remained composed, smiling faintly as she faced the ravishing face being lit up by the light. He was close, his breath having the ability to disrupt her thoughts. Did she contract a kissing syndrome? Just now when the Almighty bent, she thought…

Qin Mo glanced at the face opposite him, his fingers reaching out to caress her, his lids lowered. She was trapped in the entrance, his fingers pressed onto those enticing lips, his voice silky rich. “Did you think I was going to kiss you?”