Chapter 575 - Hug? Kiss? Or Sex?

Chapter 575: Hug? Kiss? Or Sex?

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Although her blood started to surge from the chilly touch, the blood flow around her heart seemed slower than usual.

Fu Jiu tilted her head to the side, avoiding his roaming fingers, but the feeling still lingered on her lips. She used the back of her palms to give it a rub before smiling. “A little, Brother Mo, if I turn gay from your constant seduction, you would have to take responsibility.”

Qin Mo’s eyes darkened but he kept the stance. “I’ll take responsibility, keeping you here would be well suited.”

Fu Jiu: Was he serious? Isn’t he sacrificing too much just to interrogate her?

“How are you going to make me pay?” Qin Mo arched a brow, signaling for her continue.

She was completely unprepared, rattling anything that came to mind.

Qin Mo saw through her thoughts, his gaze chilling. He moved his left hand, lowering his voice. “A Hug? Kiss? Or… sex?”

He titled his face, the air around him and his voice casting a bewitching spell.

It was probably that the overpowering self-restraint, once slightly tainted, would turn into an enchanting devil.

That interrogation left her… defenseless.

Fu Jiu heard the underlying threat, taking the initiative to admit her mistake. “I won’t make you pay, I was wrong.”

Qin Mo lifted his brow, remaining stationary.

“Actually, I was a little hesitant about the planning.” Fu Jiu lifted her lids, her eyes bright. “But there wasn’t a choice, someone had to expose them or Li Mengran…”

Qin Mo’s interrupted with a calm voice, seemingly unwilling to hear that name. “You could have gone to the police, do you have no faith in them?”

“Honestly, no,” Fu Jiu admitted coolly since there wasn’t a point in lying to the Almighty.

Qin Mo retracted his hand, his gaze still focused on her. “Is that the reason behind imitating Z?”

“Yes.” Fu Jiu’s eyes glowed, the Almighty was starting to suspect her. But regardless of how smart he was, he would never have expected Z to have reborn. Hence, he would assume she had been imitating Z.

Other than being reborn, she didn’t seem particularly better than him in any aspect.

Fortunately, Fu Jiu had already prepared this excuse in advance. “That day, after our chat, I checked up on Z. I realized that she had tackled such cases before, which gave me some inspiration and prompted the case afterward.”

“Even for a hacker, the first case would be linked to someone important. Are you hinting at that?” Qin Mo asked calmly.

Fu Jiu’s fingers paused. He had managed to find the first case she had taken up in her previous life?

As expected of the Almighty — he had arranged all his thoughts.

She had never met such an evenly matched opponent.

Thus, this encounter ignited a competitive spirit within her.

But the next time the Almighty used his seduction, she had to persist, she couldn’t just fall for his spell.

“I want to explain.” Fu Jiu caught his gaze. “Why I took action before the National League.”

She knew how important the National League was to him.

It wasn’t just him, the National League was important to the entire Supreme Alliance.

If the situation hadn’t been so urgent, she wouldn’t have taken action.