Chapter 577 - Still Jealous

Chapter 577: Still Jealous

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Fu Jiu pulled the sweater away from her eyes, keeping her mouth shut.

After all, it was safer for her to be dressed as a male.

Having bound her chest, she wasn’t that worried.

But if she had to to sleep with the Almighty, she needed to find another layer of protection.

Hence, Fu Jiu kept her undershirt on.

The Almighty’s clothes were way too big for her.

In particular his sweater, she had to roll up the sleeves three times.

Qin Mo turned with a wine glass in his hands, taking in the youngster’s current state; she lifted her dragging pants, the face beneath the short silver hair looking slightly moody, looking like a young child who had stolen his parent’s clothes.

Fu Jiu lifted her lids, when she realised the Almighty had no intention on helping her, she pouted. “The clothes are too big, they don’t suit me.”

“Do you finally know how short you are?” Qin Mo downed a sip of wine, his voice calm. “Ceiling-climber scholar.”

Fu Jiu slipped, almost falling forward. The Almighty’s habit of giving her nicknames really had to go.

Qin Mo lowered his lids towards his lit up phone screen. “Do you have an answer to the matter I got you to think about?”

“What matter?” Fu Jiu tugged the long sleeves. “Which is it?”

Qin Mo placed his wine glass down, walking towards her and grabbing onto her arm to fold the sleeves for her. His profile was ravishing. “The breakup.”

His words were clear, his tone stern.

Fu Jiu suddenly remembered there was indeed such a matter.

But she couldn’t agree to it so quickly as it would look suspicious.

She lowered her head, keeping silent.

Qin Mo broke into an enigmatic smile, pausing mid action. “Why? You can’t bear to?”

“This is my first official relationship.” Fu Jiu was telling the truth. “Brother Mo, even though I have confessed many times, this is the only time it has succeeded.”

Qin Mo exerted more strength. “You are aware of the number of times you confessed?”

Fu Jiu paused, why did she have to mention that, it definitely wasn’t anything she should be proud of.

“It’s my first time after all, give me some time.”

There shouldn’t be anything wrong with her reply.

Qin Mo halted his gaze, replying in a low tone, “One day.”

“What?” Fu Jiu lifted her lids.

Qin Mo continued folding the youngster’s sleeves, his profile not exposing any emotion. “I’ll give you one day, you listen carefully, it’s my limit.”

Fu Jiu didn’t reply instantly.

It was the first time Qin Mo had experienced so many emotions.

He was worried that he would hear resistance.


When did he start feeling such weird emotions?

He was feeling a little guilty that he used such methods to force the youngster to breakup, but he couldn’t tolerate the youngster being with a girl.

Since it wasn’t that serious, he would completely eradicate it.

He wouldn’t allow anything to blossom.

This time, he had learnt his lesson.

From now on, there would only be him beside the youngster.

“Alright.” Fu Jiu tried to appear slightly depressed, even her voice sounded raspy. “I’ll try to let myself forget.”

Qin Mo glanced at the lowered head, the furry ball of silver hair.

He received the answer he wanted, but he didn’t feel that pleased.

Because Qin Mo realized, if possible, he didn’t want to see the youngster upset — specially not to such an extent and it wasn’t even because of him, but a girl.