Chapter 578 - Sleep Together

Chapter 578: Sleep Together

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“I want some time alone.” Fu Jiu struggled to put on an act. “I’ll head back to think about how to break it to Mengran since I was the one who confessed, after all.”

The moment she finished speaking, the room temperature seemed to dip.

Qin Mo remained silent.

Fu Jiu assumed he had agreed, but just as she was about to turn and leave, Qin Mo reached out, leaning his palms onto the shoe rack to block her path.

He kept his back bent, his head lowering towards her face, the hot air landing onto her ear, sending a numbing sensation through her.

“I said I’m tired today.” Qin Mo paused, an indecipherable emotion tainting his tone. “Are you that upset?”

Fu Jiu obviously nodded. “A little.”

“Have some alcohol.” Qin Mo tugged on the youngster’s back. “Brother will accompany you.”

Fu Jiu felt that she made the wrong move again.

She never would have expected him to remember he was still her brother.

Simply put, she wouldn’t be leaving.

They opened a bottle of wine.

Fu Jiu didn’t drink much, she had to stay sober.

After all, there was only one room.

The Almighty didn’t even give her the chance to volunteer to sleep on the sofa, his gaze calm. “Don’t you dare to sleep with me? What are you scared about?”

“Brother Mo, why does it feel like you’re going to watch me for 24 hours?” Fu Jiu wasn’t dumb, the Almighty definitely had a motive.

Qin Mo titled his head, lit a cigarette and swiped on his phone, tossing it over to her.

Fu Jiu glanced at the message, her gaze in shock.

There wasn’t much, just one sentence.

“Tomorrow at 8 am, Z will take action.”

Fu Jiu lifted a brow, the Almighty was still suspicious of her.

“Stay here tonight.” Qin Mo lifted his lids. “I won’t watch you for 24 hours in the future.”

Fu Jiu smiled faintly. “Alright, for the sake of my future freedom.”

This was indeed an opportunity to get completely rid of his suspicion.

But what exactly was the imposter up to?

Fu Jiu knew the Almighty wouldn’t say much.

The text he showed her was already an exception, but sleeping in the same room — and even on the same bed — was definitely a change.

Once the lights were off, the room sank into darkness, but Fu Jiu could still clearly make out the general layout through the faint light from the moon.

Even with her clothes on, Fu Jiu couldn’t fall asleep.

How should she explain; kissing made a world of a difference.

Fu Jiu constantly felt that the moment the familiar air neared, the image of him kissing her would float into mind.

It was deep, just like the ocean.

This thought prompted her to inch away.

Her lips hadn’t recovered, when her tongue washed across, she could still feel the injury.

It was slightly itchy , Fu Jiu thought, inching back a little more.

Suddenly, the light came on.

A towering figure inched over, hovering above Fu Jiu’s head, an oppressive threat washing over her.

The Almighty’s breath fell onto her.

For the very first time, she felt dizzy.

The Almighty was staring at her closely as she locked eyes with him.

Fu Jiu couldn’t return the gaze.

Qin Mo lowered his head, his gaze dimming from her avoidance. But the moment it landed on her lips, his lips curved upwards. “Itchy? Or what are you thinking about?”