Chapter 579 - Bed Seduction

Chapter 579: Bed Seduction

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“It’s itchy. The cold weather isn’t helping and today…” Fu Jiu didn’t finish her sentence mainly due to embarrassment. The mark remained after just being kissed twice.

Qin Mo reached his hand out, preparing to caress her lips.

What joke was this position?

Fu Jiu bolted upright, reducing the intimacy.

After she sat upright, the position seemed even more intimate.

Fu Jiu couldn’t understand the Almighty with his decision to install a mirror beside the bed.

She tilted her head, bumping straight into their reflection.

That ravishing man bent one knee on the bed, both arms at her side as he inched forward, his shirt half undone, exposing his firm chest. He asked in a low tone, “What is it, why did you stop?”

Regardless of the position or the appearance, the Almighty’s presence was too overpowering.

Fu Jiu remained silent, just looking at this scene would send inappropriate images through her mind.

It was all attributed to the Almighty’s good looks that thoughts would start to fly with the presence of abstinence.

He seemed to have noticed her gaze.

Qin Mo titled, following her line of sight.

Their reflection showed the youngster being trapped under him, his pure white shirt skewed to the side, exposing his exquisite collarbones and perfect pale skin. His lips were slightly apart, the surprise in his eyes carrying slight moisture.

Qin Mo’s eyes darkened.

In fact, regardless of what the youngster wore, it didn’t seem to affect his feelings.

He wanted to rip off all his clothes, marring his entire body with his trace. It wasn’t just his lips, he wanted to mark his ears, neck, collar bone and everywhere else possible.

It seemed odd, even though the youngster had the same body structure, it didn’t obstruct his thoughts.

He wanted the youngster’s legs around his waist, he yearned to hear the youngster begging for mercy.

It was the same thought as to when he just entered the room; to possess this person, for the youngster to be his completely.

The youngster carried a sweet candylike scent as though pushing him to complete the act.

Even his blood was starting to surge.

After experiencing the youngster’s taste, he yearned for more, but Qin Mo understood that once he acted, he would lose everything.

Hence, with the youngster’s sweater as a barrier, he moved his palms slowly, inch by inch, moving the youngster back to his original position. “If you aren’t sleeping, I won’t mind tossing you out the window for your fans to see. Their favorite Little Spade doesn’t just know how to climb walls and ceilings, he can also breathe seductively. Or would you rather Brother teach you more things, for instance, brushing up your kissing techniques, hmm?”

As the breath approached her lips, Fu Jiu was sure that the textbooks weren’t wrong, she had to stay clear of guys with raging hormones.

Even though the Almighty wasn’t gay, what if her looks prompted him to take action?

She wouldn’t have the power to resist.

“I’m sleeping.” Fu Jiu titled her head to the side seriously before widening her eyes to add another line, “Goodnight, Brother Mo.”

Qin Mo lowered his head, restraint flashing in the depths of his eyes.

The youngster didn’t notice the restraint after the lights went off, but the temperature in the room seemed to increase…