Chapter 58

Chapter 58: Someone Wanted to Raise Fu Jiu Onto A Pedestal as an Almighty

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Qin Mo squinted fiercely, a freezing cold look suffusing the depths of his eyes. “Aren’t we beginning the raid? You want me to break your paw?”

Ai, Almighty is being arrogant again… Fu Jiu lazily stretched, thinking it was better not to go overboard with her flirting; otherwise, the consequences would come back to bite her.

While she was thinking, Fu Jiu held the lollipop in her mouth. She extended her hand and clicked on the mouse, swiftly inviting the one who offered the highest price, “I’m the Almighty’s manager,” into this dungeon.

“‘I’m the Almighty’s manager’? Weird nickname. As Fu Jiu was chatting with Qin Mo, she located the person.

Qin Mo glanced at that player, and a cold gleam of light swept through his deep, dark eyes!

The manager was feeling good about himself and asked the assistant beside him, “How do I make CEO follow my instructions?”

The assistant shrank his neck. “Just, just type…”

Just type? The manager was having fun with this. Who would’ve thought that there would come a day when he would have his turn to be the boss? Just as he put his hands on the keyboard, however, he saw a sentence in-game: “Are you going offline, or do you want me to make a call to force you offline? Your choice, the oh-so-mighty Manager Feng.”

Feng Yi didn’t expect that he would guess his identity so fast. He felt chills run down his back.

And his CEO added, “Seems like you don’t have enough work to do at the company if you even have time for games? One week overtime starting tomorrow.”

Feng Yi: “…”

Wait a second!

He just spent 50,000 yuan to enslave CEO!

He didn’t spend that money for CEO to enslave him even more!

This was no raid! This was simply a trap!

He must’ve smacked his little head on the pavement to think of using this opportunity to enslave his CEO.

Wasn’t it said that one could do the raid as long as one paid?


Feng Yi was about to burst into tears.

He spent 50,000 yuan just to experience the joy of being tortured again.

He shouldn’t have come to mess with CEO!


That Spade Z’s maneuvers were really cool!

Complete annihilation in just one shot!

And he still had a spare hand to type?

Wait a second!

He could even perfectly coordinate with CEO’s each move?

One had to know that no one could catch up with CEO’s speed in games!

This…this… must be a master of masters!

Feng Yi’s blood was boiling from watching. With a “bang,” he stood up from the couch and dragged the assistant in, pointing towards the screen. “This Spade Z, I don’t care what you do, give me his full profile. I don’t care if he’s a boy or a girl, single or not, how old he is now, where he is from, what his occupation is. I want to see his picture on my desk tomorrow first thing in the morning!”

“Hah? VP, why do you want his picture?” The assistant was confused, thinking that his VP had become stupid from spending that 50,000 yuan.

A glint flashed in the depths of Feng Yi’s eyes. “I will nurture him into a professional Almighty only second only to CEO. Of course I need to know what he looks like. Go!”

This was such an unexpected bonus!

Awesome maneuvering!

This kind of gaming scene was perfect for live streaming!

The team needed someone like him who could pair up with CEO.

Worst of all, even COCO couldn’t do so.

Now, he could finally have a special subject. God was simply helping him!

Wait a second, he should add him as a friend first and chitchat for a bit.

Feng Yi thought that since his CEO had already proved his identity, the other party would accept this friend request quickly.

But to his surprise—


He was the nation’s elite gaming manager who every player wanted to get in contact with, but he was actually rejected by someone!?