Chapter 580 - Flaunting Love While Brushing Teeth

Chapter 580: Flaunting Love While Brushing Teeth

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When Fu Jiu turned towards the vibrating phone, Qin Mo had already left the room with the phone in hand.

It was a call from Director Huang, whose voice was deep. “This case is rather tricky. If you have time, head down to the station tomorrow.”

“I understand.” Qin Mo kept his gaze on the youngster. In the end, he didn’t return, choosing to sleep on the sofa instead.

On the next day at 8 am, Z’s imposter took action, but the result was unexpected.

The forecasted maiden’s sacrifice hadn’t appeared.

Instead, images were exposed, posing trouble for the police.

Fu Jiu didn’t sleep well, waking up to the headlines of the news.

Qin Mo sat on the sofa, his fingers pressing down on the remote, his tone calm. “The person you were imitating seems to have targeted the same matter.”

Fu Jiu lifted a brow. “Brother Mo, are you talking about Z?”

“What do you think she meant by the forecasted maiden’s sacrifice?” Qin Mo asked.

Fu jiu sat down. “Are you trying to sound me out the moment I wake up?”

“I’m trying to analyze the case.” Qin Mo placed a hand on the youngster’s head. “My suspicion has been reduced by 80%, are you glad?”

That nonchalant tone, is he trying to placate a child? Or is he just brushing it aside…

Fu Jiu suggested, “Can’t you fill up the additional 20%?”

“It’s currently 25%.” Qin Mo stood up, his profile ravishing, even the way he fastened his buttons were filled with asceticism. “I don’t like bargaining.”

Fu Jiu: … That absurd 5%!

“Go and wash up before heading to the police station with me,” Qin Mo spoke, his voice deep.

Fu Jiu was already in the bathroom, squeezing toothpaste with her head lowered. When she lifted her head back up, she locked eyes with the man in the mirror. “What are you doing?”

“To remove that 25% suspicion.” Qin Mo was originally leaning against the door as he watched the youngster brushing his teeth, avoiding the injury on his lips.

He frowned, walking over to take the youngster’s toothbrush, gripping onto his chin. “Open your mouth.”

There were bubbles in her mouth, but she didn’t think it would affect her charm. “I have never let anyone brush my teeth, not even when I was younger and had to get a stool to reach the sink.”

“You don’t need compliments, what about some candy?” Qin Mo lifted a brow, rather than an oppressive vibe, there was more tenderness. “Stop talking, gaggle your mouth.”

Fu Jiu behaved, obeying to his orders.

Once the water entered her mouth, she started to gaggle.

That moment, even the morning rays seemed gentler.

Qin Mo always knew of the youngster’s flawless skin, but under the sun rays, it seemed like a treasured white jade, his fingers still carrying the warmth from the contact.

He must be a complete gay because regardless of the youngster’s appearance, he seemed to lose control of himself.

He had a strong urge to possess him.

It was so intense that even the youngster’s breath could send a burning sensation through him.

However, it wasn’t time to unleash the beast within him as it might potentially hurt their friendship.

He didn’t want to see resistance within youngster’s eyes, not even a little…