Chapter 581 - He is My Brother

Chapter 581: He is My Brother

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At 9 am at the entrance of the police station, there was an unexpectedly large crowd of reporters.

“There seems to be news online stating they would solve the case faster than the police. Director Huang, is this true?”

“Someone else mentioned it’s just a power-sex transaction, high school students are at an age where they can understand and differentiate such matters, so why did they agree? Were they eyeing the returns?”

“Where’s the victim? Director Huang, if it isn’t convenient for you to speak, could you get the victim to say a few words?”

Fu Jiu frowned at the questions, buttoning her top as she entered through the side entrance with the Almighty.

If Qin Mo’s face was captured, the media would go crazy.

Director Huang was aware of this, hence, he had arranged for someone to pick him up. He bolted forward at the sight of Qin Mo. “The situation’s a little tricky, the victim…”

He paused, turning towards Fu Jiu, who was standing beside Qin Mo. “This is?”

“My brother,” Qin Mo replied calmly. “Spill it, with such an aggressive media outside, nothing would stay a secret.”

Director Huang wanted to persist more on Fu Jiu’s identity, but this obviously wasn’t the appropriate situation, hence, he glanced at Qin Mo before speaking, “The victim’s parents are here.”

The problem seemed to lie with the victim’s parents.

The intelligent Qin Mo understood his words almost instantly.

The two of them followed Director Huang into the resting area.

Over there, it wasn’t just Li Mengran, her mother was there as well, her gaze slightly dazed as though she couldn’t accept the situation.

Wu Zhen sat at their side with their statements, seemingly making a final confirmation, “You mean that Teacher Yang has always treated your daughter well?”

Fu Jiu couldn’t help but twitch her hands under the sleeve, her eyes darkening.

“Little Wu!” Director Huang walked over. “Didn’t I tell you not to take the statements yet?”

Wu Zhen hadn’t slept a wink and was exhausted, her complexion sunken but the moment she caught sight of Qin Mo, her voice turned hoarse. “A bunch of reporters is waiting for the result, Director Huang, we have been dragging this far too long, the public needs and is entitled to an explanation.”

“The public?” Li Mengran’s mother seemed to have suddenly awakened. “You mean that everyone will know about this?”

Wu Zhen reassured her, “This is the normal procedure, in order to file for an investigation, the victim would have to sue.”

“When did we say we would sue?” Li Mengran’s mother stood up agitatedly. “This incident… If this incident is publicized, how can my daughter remain in school? All the neighbors would start to gossip about her, don’t you ever think about the repercussion when you deal with the case? Why must you publicize it?”

No one noticed that after her mother had spoken, Li Mengran’s eyes dimmed…

Maybe she should have listened to the person and left last night.

Those words.

People would forever remember her death and not the current situation.

To be faced by the curiosity and assumption of countless cameras as well as her mother’s reaction…

“Auntie!” a clear voice called out.