Chapter 582 - Unofficial Family Member

Chapter 582: Unofficial Family Member

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“That isn’t the main issue right now.” The youngster’s outrageously good looks reflected the rays seeping through the window. “Your daughter has been bullied, how are you going to protect her?”

Mother Li paused, her face darkening. “What’s with the police, why are outsiders allowed to hear this? Aren’t we ordinary folks entitled to privacy?”

Director Huang was at a loss for words.

Wu Zhen went by the books, taking a glance at Qin Mo before turning towards the youngster, “Those who aren’t involved in this case, please leave to prevent disruption.”

Qin Mo frowned.

Fu Jiu laughed, her lips slightly teasing. “Who said I wasn’t involved? The victim is my girlfriend, as an unofficial family member, I would have to take a statement as well.”

Wu Zhen was stumped.

Mother Li glanced at Li Mengran before turning to look at Fu Jiu, her chest heaving as she inhaled deeply. “My decisions are to protect my daughter, you are too young to understand the consequences of gossips. No one would have wanted this to happen and fortunately, nothing bad happened to Mengran. I have faith in the police and believe that even if my daughter doesn’t take action, they would still be locked up. Didn’t the livestream already expose their crimes? In less than a year, both of you will be taking the high school examinations, if this incident were to blow up, there would be a negative impact on Mengran, so… we will not sue.”

She forced out the last sentence.

Her words sent the room into a dead silence.

Afterward, Qin Mo’s cold and clear voice broke the silence, “The victim has the final say whether or not to sue, not her parents.”

Li Mengran was still focused on Fu Jiu, the youngster beneath the sun rays.

Mother Li tugged on her hand, her intentions obvious.

Li Mengran inhaled deeply, swallowing through her closed-up throat.

In the end, she decided to succumb. “Yes, we will not sue.”

At that moment, Li Mengran was afraid to see the disappointment in the youngster’s eyes, but there wasn’t any.

Instead, that person directed the same familiar tender gaze at her.

Eventually, humans would endure for those important to them, regardless of their grievances.

Hence, regardless of Li Mengran’s decision, Fu Jiu would remain supportive.

Mother Li felt horrible as well, she pressed onto her daughter’s palm, apologizing twice, “I’m sorry.”

There wasn’t a parent that didn’t love their child; they just expressed it differently.

If it was Fu Jiu, she would do all in her power and endure all the criticism just to fight until the last breath.

But it was clear that Mother Li had other worries that she didn’t dare to voice out.

Those worries had already been accounted for at the beginning of Fu Jiu’s plans.

Deputy Fu was a superior a few ranks above Li Mengran’s father, so her decision wasn’t wrong.

Maybe Mother Li was right, they were too young to understand the horrors of gossip.

Li Mengran still got all her life in front of her.

If the incident was exposed, she would have to carry it for life.

Fu Jiu agreed as this was the reality.

Hence, most of the people who chose to stay silent weren’t succumbing to cowardice, but were enduring for a better life — but some people just didn’t want to let them go.