Chapter 583 - Hugging In Front of Almighty Qin

Chapter 583: Hugging In Front of Almighty Qin

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Fu Jiu’s eyes dimmed as she watched Li Mengran’s slouching back.

At that moment, it seemed as though something within her was falling apart.

If it wasn’t for that voice with strong penetrating power, it might really collapse.

“You don’t have to sue, there would be public charges against them.”

Fu Jiu turned, Qin Mo was unbuttoning his collar, a pen in one hand as he drew a tick on the other statement, his gaze deepening. “Public charges would protect the victim’s personal information and would be kept private. As for those bast*rds that harmed you, I would make sure they face a lifetime in prison.”

Li Mengran froze.

“If it doesn’t happen, even till death, there would be no peace. Am I right?” Qin Mo lifted his head, his lips moving slowly. “The maiden’s sacrifice.”

Li Mengran stilled, taking a look at the legendary Almighty Qin with disbelief. “Young Master Qin, you-you, how do you know my user ID?”

“You are mistaken, I never knew it was your user ID,” Qin Mo replied calmly, “I just guessed that the words have something to do with you. I have learnt psychology and whatever I am going to say may seem blunt but death isn’t a good solution. Your family members and those who aren’t would be very upset.”

Her unofficial family member Fu Jiu was dragged in just like that.

Qin Mo continued, “Yesterday, I made this guy break up with you and he cried the entire night.”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“This morning, he wanted me to bring him along.” Qin Mo’s tone was unusually calm.

Those that weren’t aware would have took it for real.

Even Mother Li started to glance towards Fu Jiu.

Director Huang was startled by the devotion of such young love.

But Li Mengran knew it wasn’t true, she glanced over at the youngster with a dazed expression, but still smiling. “I never knew I was that important to him.”

Qin Mo remained unruffled. “Extremely important, but only for today. Tomorrow, he would break up with you, so enjoy it while it lasts.”

“Hey.” Fu Jiu arched a brow. “Brother Mo, shouldn’t I be the one initiating the break-up?”

“I’ll give you the chance right now.” Qin Mo folded his arms in front of his chest, dignified and ravishing. “Go ahead.”

Fu Jiu continued to have her brows lifted.

Unknowingly, Li Mengran felt comforted from this scene; probably because their words, seemingly unrelated, had a healing effect.

Or rather, the line, ” I would make sure they face life time imprisonment ,” had given her a shock.

Actually, even though they were vastly different, their views seemed rather similar.

“Mengran.” Fu Jiu took a step forward towards the young girl.

Everyone assumed she was going to initiate a break-up.

Instead, the youngster suddenly reached out both arms, pulling her into her arms.

Even Qin Mo hadn’t seen it coming.

Hence, when Fu Jiu had executed it, Qin Mo who had been spinning his pen, paused.

Because of her hug, Li Mengran broke into a smile.

When the youngster had lowered his head, he softly whispered into her ears, “Even if you don’t trust me, you should trust the Almighty, he definitely won’t let you feel wronged. Go back and study hard, focus on your physics. If we’re in the same exam hall, let me copy.”