Chapter 584 - Holding Hands and Giving Out Sweets

Chapter 584: Holding Hands and Giving Out Sweets

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Qin Mo looked at the embracing couple, tightening his grip on his pen.

He assumed that it would only be a short while, but when the youngster tilted his head to whisper into Li Mengran’s ears, it prompted Qin Mo to take action.

Li Mengran nodded. Before she could verbally acknowledge the words, she felt the youngster’s arms being pulled away.

It was Qin Mo.

His arm held onto the youngster’s right elbow, no intention of letting go as he commanded in a deep voice, “Take care.”

He was clearly sending them away.

Li Mengran paused slightly before breaking into a smile. This time, she really left.

Once they were gone, Qin Mo titled over, his tone slightly cold. “I told you to break up, not to rekindle your relationship.”

“I only hugged her because we were going to break up.” Fu Jiu added, “If I didn’t do that, it wouldn’t have made sense for me to have cried the entire night.”

Qin Mo lifted a brow. “So your hug was just to shut me up and not because you can’t bear to break up?”

“The truth is both.” Fu Jiu hadn’t forgotten that she was supposed to be heartbroken.

Qin Mo repeated slowly, “Both? I guess she isn’t that trivial.”

“I want to know the procedure for public charges.” Fu Jiu looked at Qin Mo.

Her regard of the situation clear within the depths of his eyes.

A strong wave of jealousy washed over Qin Mo.

Correct, it was indeed jealousy.

He went through it repeatedly.

The earlier he had discovered the youngster’s relationship, the earlier he would have been able to prevent it.

In the end, the seed of love had already been planted?

“You don’t have to interfere, you just have to pass me all the evidence, don’t forget, you still are 25% suspicious.” Qin Mo’s gaze remained unruffled.

Fu Jiu lowered her voice. “It really isn’t me, other than the hacker chat, I haven’t been to any other chats. You can get Fatty to trace my research history and honestly, I’m starting to doubt that chat.”

“I’ll investigate,” Qin Mo replied.

Fu Jiu knew that she definitely wasn’t the only one who had caught on to Li Mengran’s ‘user ID’.

Hence, that was why the Almighty was scary.

Even though he was comforting her, he was also seeking out information.

This kind of natural intelligence was simply amazing.

Once again, the thought of bringing the Almighty home crossed Fu Jiu’s mind.

Fu Jiu, who was deep in thoughts, hadn’t realized that Qin Mo was still holding onto her hand.

But Qin Mo realized, accepting the curious stare from Director Huang.

But so what?

Obliviousness was naturally for Qin Mo.

Even if the seed had been planted, without its water source, it wouldn’t sprout.

Besides, from today onwards, that special person could only be him.

Hence, with one hand stuffed into his pocket and the other holding onto the youngster, he walked into the interrogation hall.

His calmness made Director Huang doubt himself, assuming that he had been overthinking.

Weren’t they just holding hands after having a private conversation?

That was… very normal!

Director Huang struggled to convince himself since the case was the main issue.

But someone else wasn’t able to convince herself.

It was Wu Zhen.

Even though that person didn’t express any emotion, she saw his right hand tightening around the pen.

In that instant, Wu Zhen recalled the words online.

Her cold gaze dimming…