Chapter 585 - Almighty Qin Strikes

Chapter 585: Almighty Qin Strikes

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“Get the Bureau Chief over.”

The two criminals locked up had no clue about the livestream, hence, Deputy Liu still believed that with his influence, this matter could be resolved amicably.

It was a pity that his opponent was Qin Mo.

Deputy Liu had only been assigned recently and hence did not recognize Young Master Qin.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t be acting as such.

Deputy Liu glanced at the officer interrogating him, his fingers almost reaching the officer’s face. “You look like you just graduated, you have no part in my business, I want a change!”

Fu Jiu stood by the side, thinking that Deputy Liu wouldn’t be able to make it past tonight for offending the Almighty.

Qin Mo remained unruffled, lowering his head to note down a few words, before warning calmly, “Deputy Liu, this is a police station.”

Deputy Liu broke into a chuckle. “I’m well aware of that. Right now, I’m asking if you know who I am.”

Qin Mo swept him a glance before tapping the table, signaling the person beside to start recording.

Deputy Liu narrowed his eyes, retreating backward. “I have the rights to remain silent before my lawyer is here.”

“You can rest assured that your private lawyer would not be able to make it.” Qin Mo placed his pen down, his profile perfectly handsome.

An unknown wave of unease washed over Deputy Liu. It was probably caused Qin Mo’s aura.

Deputy Liu couldn’t help but say, “I wish to contact my lawyer.”

The two interrogating police officers exchanged glances.

“Let him make the call.”

Since Qin Mo had already made his stance clear, Director Huang naturally nodded his head.

Deputy Liu reached for his phone hurriedly and after a long wait, the call went through. But before he could say a word, a panicked voice came through. “Deputy Liu, the situation is bad. The Disciplinary Inspection team suddenly barged in to investigate you, did your external account get exposed? I told you women can’t be trusted, but you just won’t listen, our situation… wait a minute, you guys can’t touch that!”

A long buzzing sound followed.


Qin Mo toyed the lighter in his palms, his tone calm. “You seem to have committed quite a lot of crimes, I guess we already have our evidence in hand.”

Deputy Liu finally processed his mistake, the Disciplinary Inspection team had actually found his lawyer’s home.

Wasn’t this too much of a coincidence?

Only Fu Jiu was sure it wasn’t as there had always been meaning behind the Almighty’s every word.

He must have calculated the timing and once he decided it was time, he baited Deputy Liu into making the call.

If violating an underaged girl wasn’t enough to incarcerate this bast*rd, he would furnish him with another crime.

From the very start, the Almighty’s goal hadn’t been imprisonment, but rather the death penalty.

Qin Mo made a call in front of Deputy Liu. “You don’t have to investigate the lawyer anymore, instead, look into the women that Deputy Liu had contact with, especially the contacts with transactions.”

Deputy Liu paled instantly. “You, you!”

Qin Mo stood up leisurely. “I’ll get the Bureau Chief now, Director Huang.”

Director Huang: … He had been standing there the entire time!

“Treat him with care.” Qin Mo definitely wasn’t being polite.

Deputy Liu slouched onto the chair limply, the vigor from before dissipating entirely.

“Who, who exactly are you?”