Chapter 586 - The Person That Will Send You To Hell

Chapter 586: The Person That Will Send You To Hell

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This was the first time Deputy Liu had seen someone who could contact the Commission for Discipline Inspection and command the entire police force.

He believed that he knew the workings of the police force and understood that with his background, no one would deal with him right away.

But he was completely caught off guard as he had been prepared to use his connections. If he had executed it properly, he would still have lost his high rank, but could still have returned to his small country as a rich man.

Worried that his crimes would be exposed, he placed all the embezzled funds overseas.

Now that everything was exposed… Deputy Liu clenched his fists, red veins appearing around his pupils as he glared at Qin Mo, yearning for an answer.

Instead, Qin Mo didn’t even bother facing him, leaving only eight words. “The person that will send you to hell.”

Deputy Liu froze, he never predicted such an ending.

To him, sleeping with a high school student wasn’t that big of a deal.

Even if the girl wasn’t consensual, they could always discuss it afterward. Besides, with his position, who would dare to cause trouble?

But why was it different this time?

Chief Zhang shared the same sentiments.

Maybe this was the reality. It was usually easy for people with power to get a girl, but Chief Zhang was an exception.

Actually, even if he exerted force, there would still be girls swarming around him.

Within the bunch of girls would be young models, but Chief Zhang, with his believed high morals, wasn’t willing to sleep with those girls.

He preferred girls who were purer.

In the beginning, he had indeed used money to buy them.

Since the high school students these days were more open-minded, as long as they were compensated well, they would be willing.

Subsequently, as the number of girls he slept with grew, he started to fancy girls who would resist him.

Hence, prompting him to sleep with a few of them simultaneously.

But nothing bad had ever happened.

Oh right, something had happened once.

At that time, he had been too caught up in the moment and had gone overboard, inflicting harm on the girl.

She had a brother, who constantly caused him trouble.

At that time, he was still climbing up the career ladder and couldn’t afford any bad press.

Hence, he found a group of people to ‘touch’ their fruit stall; the girl’s brother seemed to have gotten his leg broken.

None of this mattered to him, as long as no lives were lost and the threat was useful.

But this time…

From where exactly did the police get the courage to barge in?

Chief Zhang was much smarter than Deputy Liu.

He admitted to his crimes and was supportive in every way, using his words intelligently. “I am regretful for not being a good role model. I am willing to compensate the victim, but I have a request that I think is fair. I did not force anyone and only committed a mistake that any normal man would, I gave in to my temptation and engaged in a transaction that I shouldn’t have.”

That’s right, Chief Zhang’s words were the hardest to deal with.

No one could compete with these men in terms of shamelessness.

When he lowered his lids, he added, “I am willing to accept such charges, but from what I remember, I had already made payment and understand how to differentiate.”

“If such, why did the victim yield a knife? Couldn’t you recognize her unwillingness?”

Chief Zhang widened his eyes, acting innocent. “I assumed it was to spice things up since I had made a request. She did it to satisfy me in order to justify a higher payout.”