Chapter 587 - Strong Alliance Mo Jiu

Chapter 587: Strong Alliance Mo Jiu

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He was changing the nature of the crime.

Since he couldn’t deny it, he was trying to play it to his favor; these words would lead to a lighter sentence.

Anyone with a law background would understand his intentions.

That might be the reason Mother Li refused to sue.

She was afraid of these powerful men who were well versed in manipulating the law as they knew who they had to find when circumstances called for it.

In the end, a huge incident might be brushed off due to lack of evidence.

That wasn’t even the scariest, but rather for the female to be judged critically during the hearing.

For instance, they could blame her usual behavior, calling it inappropriate, or insist that she had accepted money since there were traces of money being involved.

As such, the victim would have turned into a willing seller — no mother would allow her daughter to endure these accusations.

Because she was clear how shameless some people can be, especially those who were capable of lying through their teeth.

Qin Mo listened to his words, taking a sideward glance at Fu Jiu. “Has Li Mengran ever accepted their money?”

“No, but…” Fu Jiu knew his intentions. “Yang Ming’s laptop is still with Mother Li, he mentioned that it would help Mengran learn better and had even saved practice questions inside.”

Qin Mo continued to stare at the youngster.

Fu Jiu twitched her fingers. “The laptop is the latest model and is worth more than six thousand dollars.”

“I understand,” Qin Mo replied faintly, “That is consequential evidence, which Chief Zhang can use to prove the transaction.”

Fu Jiu titled her gaze. “Ordinary people would never have thought of it.”

Qin Mo remained silent.

The two of them standing long and slender like jade statues.

Suddenly, they asked simultaneously.

“That depends on who bought the laptop.”

“I need a laptop to check who bought it.”

Director Huang who was standing at the side was startled by their chemistry.

The silver-haired youngster broke into a faint smile, reaching out his right hand.

Qin Mo accommodated, his lips curving upwards.

They locked eyes, striking each other’s palms cooly.

Director Huang: … Why does it seem like he wasn’t needed?

He couldn’t help asking Qin Mo if he wasn’t needed any longer.

Qin Mo raised his arm to glance at his wrist, explaining leisurely, “You are still needed, for instance, you could order food, not that ordinary takeout, we aren’t used to gutter oil 1 , so order from Delicacy Mountain.”

“Delicacy Mountain?” Director Huang widened his eyes. “Can’t you eat something less expensive?”

Qin Mo lifted a brow. “Is it expensive?”

Director Huang made his stand, “I’m an honest and upright civil servant.”

“Your basic pay is enough for three meals.” Qin Mo patted his shoulder.

Director Huang: … Why did he have to find such a person to solve their cases? Just a meal would cost him ten days worth of pay.

Fu Jiu stood up, walking over. “Think about the reporters outside, they are waiting for the case to be resolved.”

Wait a moment, Qin Mo patted my shoulder because we are close, but why is this absurdly handsome youngster patting my shoulder as well? I’m still a bureau chief after all!

At this moment, no one was concerned about his rank.

They had to source out the most useful evidence in the shortest period of time, that was the only thought Qin Mo and Fu Jiu now.

One of them wrote the gist of the evidence while the other took out a laptop.

The reporters outside were still interviewing the police officers.

No one knew that right at this moment, an esports player and a high school student were sourcing for evidence…