Chapter 588 - Solving Cases

Chapter 588: Solving Cases

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Wu Zhen saw the two of them entering.

However, as Director Huang had sent out orders, refraining anyone from entering his office, Wu Zhen could only watch from afar, bitterness eating at her.

Originally, she had wanted to use the news of Z to get Qin Mo back into the crime unit, so they could work together.

That was her greatest desire. She had chosen this career path just in order to be close to that person — but now, there was Fu Jiu.

Qin Mo didn’t want anyone near the office to prevent the youngster’s topnotch hacker skills from being exposed.

The network attack during the gaming contest wasn’t much.

However, the youngster could also hack into the security network to access all the records of Yang Ming’s transactions.

If anyone else knew of the youngster’s skills, they might associate him with the livestream.

Therefore, Director Huang was the only one who needed to know.

Qin Mo didn’t trust anyone else.

The two of them dived into their tasks.

The rustling from scribbling and the clear tapping from the keyboard echoed through the office.

In the past, Fu Jiu would have never expected that one day, she would be working with her rival, who had almost caught her.

Once they worked together, Fu Jiu realized that everything was going smoothly.

She didn’t have to bother about the minor details as the Almighty seemed better versed in areas which required more attention.

Thus, she just needed to use her hacker talents.

In the past, when she wanted to access someone’s transaction history, she just had to attack two areas, their personal bank and its expenditure records.

Not many people would use cash to buy an electronic product worth about 6 thousand dollars, this was common sense.

But now there were Alipay and WeChat and thus two more platforms for her to break into.

At this moment, the food arrived.

Director Huang personally carried the four side dishes and a bowl of soup into the office.

There were meat and vegetables, which seemed appetizing.

The truth was, Qin Mo wasn’t that picky about his food, but now the youngster was around and he was still growing.

Hence, Qin Mo couldn’t be haphazard with his choice for food.

After writing the last crucial point, he placed his pen down before turning to glance at the youngster.

His long slender fingers flew across the keyboard, his eyes fixed on the screen.

As the facilities in the office weren’t bad, Qin Mo headed to the adjoining bathroom to wash his hands, after which he took another glance at the youngster. Fu Jiu was still focused on the screen. Qin Mo lowered his gaze towards the youngster’s meal box.

Director Huang stood at the side, muttering internally. When did Qin Mo learn to care for others, wasn’t he a pampered young master?

Director Huang had always known about Qin Mo’s obsession with cleanliness.

“Have your meal first,” Qin Mo called out.

“There isn’t time,” Fu Jiu replied without even raising her head, her silver hair hanging low as she focused on the codes intently.

Director Huang’s eyes lit up. This little fellow was amazing, he actually rejected Qin Mo’s concern, not bad, not bad at all! If someone like him were to join the police force, there would be someone here who wouldn’t be afraid of Qin Mo! Amazing!

But that wasn’t the most shocking.

The next moment, after Qin Mo took a few bites, he shifted his chair over.

He swept a glance over the screen before turning to glance at the youngster’s tightly clenched lips.

The ends of his lips curved upwards as he reached out with the pair of wooden chopsticks, tapping onto the youngster’s lips.