Chapter 589 - Almighty Qin Continues to Convert Fu Jiu

Chapter 589: Almighty Qin Continues to Convert Fu Jiu

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Fu Jiu was focused on infiltrating the network, she opened her mouth subconsciously, not a hint of restraint as she muttered, “I’m attacking this transaction platform, his account would be exposed but it’s a bit risky, I have to avoid their firewall before I can plant a virus. I’m going to aim to not be discovered when I leave…”

“Mmh.” Qin Mo acknowledged, passing over another spoonful of rice.

Director Huang was completely baffled.

What-what’s with this situation?

Fu Jiu opened her mouth without hesitation. Qin Mo seemed as if he was feeding a cat, even with prestige ingrained within the youngster, he looked adorable.

Qin Mo’s lips spread further across his face. With every bite he took, he would feed the youngster a mouthful, not the least bit of displeasure on his ravishing face.

Director Huang wanted to howl.

Hey, can’t you see me? Can’t you give me some attention!

That wasn’t right!

Why did it seem as if he had discovered a grand secret?

Just now when Qin Mo had introduced him, he mentioned that he was his brother.

Alright, he would take his word for it.

He never knew Qin Mo was such an obsessive brother!

Director Huang felt his head spin, he was prepared to squat in a corner and have a smoke.

That very moment, the absurdly handsome silver-haired youngster’s eyes lit up. “I found it, the laptop was bought under Yang Ming’s name and has nothing to do with Zhang. He had bought it last year, at the time he still hadn’t joined No.1 Middle School…”

Before she could finish the sentence, she realized the piece of beef that appeared in front of her lips.

And the closest thing in sight was Qin Mo’s perfect face.

In that instant, she felt captivated by his spell.

Fu Jiu opened her mouth before it dawned on her how naturally she was behaving.

For the very first time in her life, she understood how it felt to eat together with heavenly beauty.

She also discovered the Almighty’s new skills, he could feed her when she was busy and the main point was his ravishingly good looks, which could heighten her appetite.

Qin Mo took in the youngster’s lack of resistance, an enigmatic smile lighting up his eyes; this seemed like a good method to convert youngster.

“Since it doesn’t belong to Zhang Huaqiang, it won’t be substantial evidence. Besides, it probably won’t be that useful since it wasn’t bought in the same time period.”

Fu Jiu nodded, not forgetting to swallow the rice.

Qin Mo reached the chopsticks over once again, his voice deep. “Finish your food, we have to teach Chief Zhang a lesson.”

“Alright.” Fu Jiu sat down with a smile, tilting her head to the side, behaving obediently.

A thought crossed Director Huang’s mind. Qin Mo, Young Master Qin, now that your brother has completed his tasks and have both hands free, you don’t have to continue feeding him!

Fu Jiu seemed to have sensed something amiss, she reached forward towards the chopsticks. “Brother Mo, I’ll eat by myself, it’ll be faster.”

“There isn’t anything left.” Qin Mo placed the meal box aside, his tone calm.

Fu Jiu glanced over, it was indeed empty. With just two mouthfuls left, the Almighty must have found it troublesome to hand the chopsticks over, choosing to feed her instead.

The Almighty must have done it to save time on eating so that the matter could be resolved quickly.

His morals were indeed proper; but this time, she really misunderstood Almighty Qin.

Almighty Qin was purely trying to convert someone using the intimate method of feeding…