Chapter 59

Chapter 59: The Oppressive Pressure Coming from the Almighty

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Feng Yi didn’t want to give up. so he kept sending friend requests over and over again.

After finishing another raid and distributing the equipment, he was kicked out… Kicked out!

When gaming in the past, Fu Jiu had a habit of never accepting any friend requests.

Adding Almighty Qin was a total accident.

Why would she add one more?

Of course she would reject it.

Now, her focus was completely on making money.

The number in her bank account shot up, making her immensely happy. It really was different playing with Almighty. He was both handsome and extremely expensive.

Including the other two rounds before, she had made 60,000 yuan in total, enough for her to get some PC parts.

Subtracting the lobster money she owed from today, she still had around 40,000 yuan.

Fu Jiu bit on her lollipop and very cheerfully sent three simple words to Almighty Qin: “Done, sleeping time.”

“Before going to bed, let me take a count first…” Qin Mo slowly tapped the keyboard, “The money you made from taking on jobs today.”

Fu Jiu paused!

Her lollipop dropped out of her mouth!

Why was a god counting money?

This was nothing like throwing three 99999-s at her like a rich nouveau riche when he just got online.

“I thought the Almighty would treat money as no different from dirt.” Fu Jiu pushed her silver hair aside. The money she had just made simply flew away. That didn’t feel nice at all.

Qin Mo replied slowly, “Looks like you have a big misunderstanding about my principles. I’m a businessman, I don’t do things that don’t make money.”

Capitalist vampire.

Fu Jiu quickly gave the other party a new title. She then thought about how she needed him for her later jobs, so it would be better to establish a long-term cooperation. She hooked up lips into a devious smile. “I will transfer half to your WeChat.”

“Half?” Qin Mo gave a half-smile. “Who said the split is half-half? You get 10%, I get 90%.”

Fu Jiu looked at this extremely unjust final split and inadvertently blurted out, “Almighty, don’t you feel shameless splitting the money this way?”

“Not at all.” Qin Mo sounded indifferent and asked Fu Jiu three questions at once. “Whose reputation did you use to get job requests? Who are the crowds here for? And who gave the highest bid for the last job?”

Fu Jiu: “…”

“All me.” Qin Mo took a drag on his cigarette and added, “So you getting 10% is perfectly fair.”

Faced with such a vengeful guy, what else could Fu Jiu say? She opened her WeChat and transferred over a huge portion of the money, on one condition. “More games later!”

When she was transferring the money, Fu Jiu told herself that she was letting the line run for bigger fish.

The Almighty only played one round and they had already made 60,000 yuan.

Next time, with more promotion, they would make more for sure.

Just see it as an investment.

But her heart was still hurting from giving all the money away.

The net profit which had been a five figure sum shrank to four figures in the time it took to deliver a short sentence.

Fu Jiu bit on her lollipop in frustration. This man was only cute when she was teasing him. He was so calculative the rest of the time!

Fu Jiu finished transferring him the money while Qin Mo received a whining call from his manager, who was crying out, “CEO Qin, that Spade Z rejected me. He rejected me!”

Qin Mo unlocked his phone after getting the general gist of what happened. He saw the transfer notification, a deep current flowing through his eyes. Slightly more than 30,000 yuan.

He thought that guy must have been extremely unwilling to transfer the money.

Just like how he was when he needed to pay for the bill at the hotel today.

With this in mind, a light smile emerged on his mouth. Even Qin Mo himself didn’t realize it at all…