Chapter 590 - Marital Harmony

Chapter 590: Marital Harmony

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Director Huang was forced to witness their loving behavior. After he had calmed his emotions, he decided to use the food to treat his wounds.

After all, this was a meal bought with ten days worth of his salary.

But who knew before he lifted his chopsticks, Qin Mo was already upright, arranging his clothes and speaking in a leisurely manner, “Director Huang, we will be leaving now.”

Director Huang choked on broccoli, a face of confusion. How can you leave when I just opened my meal box?! Is that even right?!

The youngster took a look at Director Huang’s expression, heading over deliberately to pat his shoulders.

Director Huang: … This two youngsters, even their bullying was in sync!

Inside the interrogation room, Chief Zhang was still contemplating his next move.

He had even conjured a backup plan; he just had to insist that the girl accepted his money. This way, he wouldn’t be the one who was determined to bury this affair as a female’s reputation was of utmost importance.

Besides, she was still a high school student without many things to consider, so even if the girl didn’t know better, her parents would.

Hence, Chief Zhang wasn’t the least bit worried about the victim’s rebuttal.

He had to give credit to all the girls in the past who have accepted his money.

With precedence, the nature of this incident would be different.

Chief Zhang lowered his lids, even though his political career would be affected, it didn’t matter. A few years later, when the matter wasn’t as current, it would eventually be put to rest.

By then, he would use his in-laws’ power for a comeback.

Eventually, it boiled down to whose media influence was the strongest.

Chief Zhang’s stable position was because of certain people whom he believed would help him.

Otherwise, the moment he fell from his ranks, their benefits would suffer.

Time flew by.

Reporters surrounded the police station, some of them holding onto their microphones as they spoke into the video cameras.

“Director Huang, the reporters outside are requesting for some confirmation regarding the information that has been released on the web….”

Before the person could finish his sentence, some other reporters came dashing in, pushing their microphones towards Director Huang savagely, not allowing him any opportunity to react. “With so many girls entering this industry, should the education be re-evaluated to instill better morals to the students? Moreover, our channel is suspecting the livestream to be used as an advertising tool. Why hasn’t the girl with the blade ever shown herself? If she really feels wronged, why isn’t she speaking up? At the very least, she should have shown her face, what is she afraid of? Is she worried that her lie is exposed?”

The reporter came in too quickly, almost capturing Fu Jiu and Qin Mo.

You had to admit that these reporters were indeed skilled, with a turn each, they managed to conceal themselves by pressing onto the walls at each corner suavely.

Director Huang’s plump figure was perfect for concealing them, he frowned at the reporter’s words. “We are still in the midst of the investigation, please stop all these groundless assumptions.”

“Director Huang, are you trying to say you won’t make any response?” The moment the reporter finished, he turned towards the video camera. “Everyone must have seen that the police haven’t provided a clear answer, which means that the outcome is uncertain. I’m sure many of you are waiting for a turn of events.”