Chapter 591 - Malicious Conjectures

Chapter 591: Malicious Conjectures

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“We should hurry and contact the ‘victim’ in the video because her innocence can only be determined at the end of the investigation.”

Director Huang puffed up in anger. Hadn’t they gone through language classes before, how could they not understand what he meant? Why did they have to twist his words?

The reality was, how could the reporters have not understood?

But what exactly was the audience looking for?

The truth?

No, they were hoping for a plot twist, the more unpredictable the situation, the more attention it would garner.

As for the media, they had to manipulate the topic.

After all, they couldn’t go against orders and for them to say things that are advantageous towards Chief Zhang.

Fu Jiu and Qin Mo exchanged glances. The intelligent duo saw through the action instantly.

The next time Director Huang appeared, he was infuriated and so anxious he started to perspire, his lips dehydrated from speaking too much, his clothes wrinkly after being squeezed. After escaping that torment, he was annoyed with the perfect sight of the two young lads, who were still looking impeccable, like princes from an anime.

However, even though he felt annoyed, he had to tend to the matter at hand.

“The press isn’t favorable to the victim.” Director Huang went straight to the point. “There are indeed elements of consent within, a huge bulk as well and it all boils down to the name list provided by Z.”

It differed from the information Qin Mo had.

Fu Jiu arched a brow. “What name list?”

“A list of girls who would willingly pounce onto rich guys, it includes high school girls who have slept with Zhang and the majority of these girls did it willingly. They are now using this to back up his point and the media are using it as a new hot topic. If those incidents hadn’t been exposed, the situation would have been easier to deal with. This Z really is a troublemaker! Is she perhaps on Zhang’s side?”

“She isn’t trying to help Zhang, instead, she hates the girls on the list,” Qin Mo replied calmly.

Fu Jiu listened beside him, her gaze sinking, seemingly in deep thought.

Director Huang rubbed his forehead. “This situation is getting tougher.”

“There isn’t anything tough.” Qin Mo turned over, his facial features ravishing. “For the press conference, invite the main media channels of Jiang City in order to twist public opinion.”

Director Huang widened his eyes. “How are they going to do that?”

“I would let you know.” Qin Mo stuffed a hand into his pocket. “Make the orders.”

Director Huang wanted to glare at him. Who exactly is the bureau chief?!

Once the news of a press conference was sent out, almost everyone with a camera arrived at the destination.

Director Huang stood at the side, looking authoritative and natural without the guidance of Qin Mo.

“Fellow media and friends, you can direct any questions here but do keep in mind to only publish the truth. If any of you were to inject your own conjectures, I have the authority to suspect that the channel is trying to protect someone or stirring up trouble. Regardless of the circumstance, I would call for an arrest.”

As soon as this was out, at least three reporters clicked open the document they had already prepared beforehand.

Director Huang lifted a brow. “Let us begin the press conference.”

The first person who raised his hand stood up. “Director Huang, everyone is concerned about the victim in the livestream. How is her current situation, why hasn’t she sued even though it has been half a day since the incident?”