Chapter 592 - Untitled

Chapter 592: Untitled

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“The victim’s condition isn’t stable.” Director Huang looked straight into the camera. “I wish that everyone can give the victim some space as this isn’t a favorable incident which anyone would wish to experience.”

The person wasn’t the least bit satisfied. “Director Huang, you haven’t given a response about why she hasn’t sued. After experiencing such an incident, shouldn’t she sue and seek justice?”

“That’s right, the victim wishes to seek an answer for the injustice,” Director Huang replied smoothly before turning the mic. “But after our preliminary investigations, we realized that this isn’t just the victim’s matter, it also involves other factors. Hence, the case will be dealt with through public charges.”

“Public charges?” The reporter bolted upright. “This means that the victim isn’t planning to sue? Indeed, there is an inner secret, Director Huang, can the police confirm that the victim hasn’t received any monetary benefits? If she didn’t, even an ordinary person would be able to understand how extra lessons shouldn’t be held in a club. How dumb can the girl be? She must be aware that it isn’t an appropriate place, why didn’t she object and had even sat in his car to drive over to the crime scene? How can you explain this point?”

This reporter was clearly prepared.

Every question she asked pointed in one direction; from the very beginning, the girl had been aware of where they would be heading to, but she went along anyway — which implied that she had been consensual.

This point was extremely detrimental to Li Mengran.

If it wasn’t answered properly, she would be at the losing end.

In the future, regardless of where Li Mengran would go, both her and the official would be criticized as a buyer and a seller.

But was it true?

Clearly not!

However, humans were greedy.

Weapons weren’t able to kill, but the words that were sprouted mindlessly would.

There were too many instances where people believe their own groundless conjectures, believing that they are the rational ones while those that show kindness are hypocritical. They were using their evil mind to taint everyone’s behavior as they were starting to deliberately stir up gossip; questioning and interrogating the victim about her reasons for not standing up, the motives behind her actions. There were even some who started to question her morals, believing she had done it for money.

Those who had private ties with Chief Zhang dared to instruct the reporters because they believed that the ‘keyboard warriors’ online would be able to help them ‘redress his injustice’.

All those questionable points were sufficient to turn the tables.

After all, those ‘keyboard warriors’ were so self-assured, believing they are smart enough to see through the clues.

Yes, they were indeed intelligent, thinking deep, guessing that the victim was aware of the meeting — but they chose to ignore the most fundamental aspect of a human being, humanity.

Instead, they happily built their intelligence on a young girl’s pain.

As they rose each point, the victim, who shouldn’t be enduring stress, was getting increasingly frightened.

Director Huang stood upright, his face darkening.

The reporter broke into a smug smile. “Director Huang, is the question that difficult?”

Director Huang’s fingers tightened, he told himself repeatedly that he is still the bureau chief, he couldn’t just skip this question, he had to ‘kill’ this lwoman.

Just when the reporter had assumed it was a done deal, a sound pierced the air. “It isn’t hard.