Chapter 593 - Almighty Qin Growing In Attraction

Chapter 593: Almighty Qin Growing In Attraction

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Hearing that, everyone directed their attention towards the sound, even Fu Jiu.

Almighty Qin, who was never willing to accept interviews, walked towards the front.

Instantly, silence engulfed the entire crowd.

It was as though this perfect slender man was the only person left in the world.

After pausing for a second, some of the reporters broke into a frenzy, snapping photos maniacally.

These reporters didn’t quite understand the situation since they weren’t focused on esports.

But that didn’t affect the surrounding crowd.

They were in for a treat.

No one would have expected to bump into Almighty Qin.

Yet, Qin Mo stood with a hand in his pocket, his gaze calm as he faced the sea of reporters. “If your superior, who could make you lose your job and banish you from the industry, threatened you to go for a meal with himl, would you turn up?”

“I…” She widened her mouth.

Qin Mo cut her off. “It won’t be possible for you not to turn up. After all, judging by your persistence to seek out headlines, it’s clear that your morals are beneath that of an ordinary human.”

“You!” The reporter was on the verge of flaring up.

Qin Mo’s ravishing face remained calm. “Of course, it’s a rather harsh topic for females. I’m not a woman, but I understand that they would face more trouble at work and after overcoming all those troubles, no one would be willing to just leave like that since life has to go on. Some women need the job, regardless of whether it is in the pantry or when they are meeting clients, they would choose to endure any sexual harassment they are faced with. If they choose to voice out these problems, those who are understanding would back you up, but how would the others see you? If your superior harasses you, your colleagues would blame your dressing. If your clients harass you, they would blame it on your desire to clinch the deal. Since even a mature adult is able to weigh it out, is this incident really worth blowing up? Especially since the victim is still a high school student. You’re asking why she isn’t standing up for herself by suing, but what would the result be? She would be used as a topic for discussion by people like you.”

Fu Jiu focused on him intently.

There was really the existence of such a person.

He was a person of little words, but in the face of a problem, every word he said was impactful.

This had nothing to do with his looks as it was purely his aura.

That rear view, which seemed to glow — the more she looked at it, the more she wanted to bring him home.

Fu Jiu lowered her lids, whistling with a smile.

Qin Mo clear voice didn’t just stop there, poised and magnetizing, captivating the audience. “She had been aware of the nature of the meeting from the start, but why did she turn up with a knife in hand? It wasn’t because of money, but her lack of influence, which forced her to the meeting. She must have been forced to her wit’s end and was prepared to end her life or was perhaps even prepared to perish with the perpetrators. Every high schooler understands the importance of their grades, hence, when a teacher uses a student’s grades against the student, it would be comparable to the harassment an adult would face at work.”