Chapter 594 - Rest Assured

Chapter 594: Rest Assured

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“Everyone of you has a mother, some of you might have an elder sister, a younger one or maybe even a daughter. I believe that anyone with even the least bit of humanity would not wish for their loved ones to be faced with accusations after suffering such a torment.” Qin Mo paused, lifting his lids. His imposing face had the ability to command the entire crowd. “It’s about time we give a voice to those without the power to speak.”

In that instance, the entire atmosphere shifted.

No questions were being raised because there was no longer a need.

After entering the industry for such a long time, some of them had lost their morals in the quest for a scoop.

But at the end of the day, they were all humans — and if they couldn’t even serve justice for the victim, would they also be subjected to such treatment should their daughters be faced with such a case in the future?

More than half of them lowered their microphones and cameras.

Even the few of them who were associated with Chief Zhang kept their silence because the reporter had served as an example.

Everyone was looking at her, their gazes seemingly screaming, ‘you aren’t fit to be a part of the media world’.

She paled, completely caught off guard.

The situation couldn’t be clearer.

Qin Mo’s words had the power to turn the tides.

Fu Jiu retracted her previous idea.

The power to convince was definitely linked to one’s appearance.

The Almighty just had to stand there silently for her to want to bring him home.

At that moment, she remembered that after the person had left in her past, she locked herself in a room, hugging that person’s favorite knitted toy and telling herself, “Z, be a hacker that saves lives.”

Yes, a hacker that saves lives.

The reality was, she wasn’t kind, but this belief pulled her through — and today, she found someone with the same belief.

That was why she didn’t wish to go against him.

They belonged to different worlds, but that didn’t negate her admiration towards the Almighty in the slightest.

Fu Jiu had the urge to poison him, bringing him back to Fifth Avenue.

But with his recent moves, what if he got mad once he woke up?

Fu Jiu arched a brow regretfully and glanced to the side, locking eyes with Wu Zhen.

Wu Zhen was staring at Fu Jiu, her gaze sunken, but she quickly directed a smile over, which didn’t seem very sincere.

Then she walked over to Fu Jiu.

Fu Jiu stuffed a hand into her pants pocket, looking dignified.

Wu Zhen took a glance over at Qin Mo before speaking to Fu Jiu lightly, “Isn’t Brother Mo dashing?”

“Yes, very dashing.” Fu Jiu bit on her lollipop without a change in her expression.

Wu Zhen suddenly realized that this opponent seemed trickier than she had expected. But it didn’t matter as she preferred to be blunt. “I heard your fans like to match you with Brother Mo.”

Fu Jiu glanced at her silently.

“I have a brief understanding about you,” Wu Zhen continued. “You enjoy mixing with the same gender and seem rather open-minded. I shouldn’t be the one bringing this up, but I can’t help myself, Brother Mo doesn’t like this kind of people. I understand that Brother Mo’s appearance may appeal to little boys. There have already been boys that have confessed to him in the past, but do you know what happened to them? So I advise you not to harbor any thoughts about Brother Mo.”