Chapter 595 - There Have Already Been Thoughts

Chapter 595: There Have Already Been Thoughts

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Hearing that, Fu Jiu broke into a smile.

She lifted her chin very slowly, her hand still stuffed in her pocket as she approached Wu Zhen. “Miss Wu, your advice is a little too late, I already harbor thoughts about him.”

Wu Zhen froze instantly and her gaze started to sink bit by bit.

Was this youngster not aware of her identity?

“Then it’s a pity.” Wu Zhen remained unruffled. “I originally planned to maintain good ties with Brother Mo’s friends, but I guess it’s getting a little hard.”

Fu Jiu opened another lollipop, leaving only one word. “Whatever.”

The youngster’s nonchalance infuriated Wu Zhen, her palms clenching into fists.

This was the first time someone had spoken to her in this way and he clearly didn’t know what he was up against.

But she didn’t continue, breaking into a faint smile instead because Qin Mo had finished speaking and was heading in their direction.

Wu Zhen had never seemed to interfere in Qin Mo’s life and had always been gracious in her actions.

Back when she was in high school, she had witnessed a victim getting closer to him. At that time, she didn’t show her jealousy even once.

Wu Zhen understood that once he sensed her emotions, he would start to think about her negatively.

She understood where to draw the line. So after catching sight of Qin Mo, she spoke immediately, “Brother Mo, Chief Zhang’s lawyer is behind, do you wish to speak with him?”

“There is no need,” Qin Mo replied calmly, not even casting her a glance as he tugged the youngster away.

There were many reporters behind them, but Qin Mo didn’t bother.

He lowered his voice, whispering into Fu Jiu’s ears, “Did you forget what I said? If you continue to seduce others unnecessarily, do you believe I’m going to lock you up?”

“Brother Mo, it really ain’t my fault this time.” Fu Jiu chuckled. “I’m not interested in police officers, especially not someone like Miss Wu.”

Qin Mo lifted a brow, but instead of releasing the youngster, he brought him into the interrogation room with him.

Wu Zhen, who had been disregarded, overcame a wave of jealousy.

Wasn’t he just using the fact that he was a boy and a member of the Supreme Alliance to get closer to that person?

Besides, Brother Mo would never guard against a boy’s feelings.

Wu Zhen narrowed her eyes.

She had to start looking into Fu Jiu, she couldn’t stand having such a deceptive boy being near Brother Mo.

At this moment, Chief Zhang, who was still in the interrogation room, received news of his lawyer’s arrival.

This was definitely good news.

The lawyer’s appearance would indicate a chance for a turn of events.

Chief Zhang had faith in those partners with a vested interest.

Exploiting on the masses’ speculations to stir up attention was definitely an easy task.

Even if Chief Zhang wasn’t out, he could already predict how the attention was shifting to the victim.

The situation had definitely a lot of questionable points.

Thus, his stress started to reduce.

Maybe he would end up with minor behavioral charges and just a drop in rank.

The person who blew up the incident was indeed dumb.