Chapter 596 - Almighty Qin Strikes

Chapter 596: Almighty Qin Strikes

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That girl was even dumber.

If she had behaved, neither of them would have lost out, but she had to settle it like that.

Wasn’t that asking for trouble?

He had already told her that no one could suppress him, but she wouldn’t listen.

Now, that girl was paying for her insolence.

Chief Zhang arranged his clothing, originally prepared to see his lawyer through the opened doors.

Instead, the person that entered was young master Qin, who he had wanted to meet up with after taking up the post in Jiang City.

Chief Zhang stood up in less than a second.

But before he could exchange greetings, the police following behind came in to cuff his arms.

“What are you doing?” Chief Zhang was startled by their sudden change.

Qin Mo stood upright, his tone calm. “Obviously it’s to send Chief Zhang to court.”

“Court?” Chief Zhang lifted his head sharply. “I can go to court but I’ll have to see my lawyer first.”

Qin Mo glanced at him, tilting his head as he lit a cigarette. “If you intend to tell your lawyer to insist that the girl you harmed has accepted your money and has been consensual, you can save the trouble. The livestream and police investigations have confirmed your crimes and are proof enough that the victim hasn’t received any rewards, thus not having been willing. You can try to defend yourself in front of the judge.”

Chief Zhang felt himself paling.

No, this shouldn’t be happening.

His speculations had to have some effect.

The police couldn’t detain him so quickly!

“I want to make a phone call!” Chief Zhang shouted towards the person at the side.

A few of the police turned towards Qin Mo.

Qin Mo lifted a brow. “Chief Zhang, are you going to call Deputy Li? The disciplinary inspection should already be there and in half an hour, he would be heading over to explain how he was going to use the media to bury the crimes.”

If Chief Zhang had been confident before, he was the complete opposite at this moment.

As bureau chief, he understood the difference in nature between sex-power transaction and manipulating the media.

The latter wasn’t tolerated in their country.

Once offended, it was a done deal.

No. He couldn’t indulge in his imagination as nothing was set in stone yet.

Previously, he had instructed Yang to provide every child with some benefits.

He just had to bet on this to pull through.

However, when the police came up with the receipt, Chief Zhang wasn’t the only one dumbfounded, even his lawyer was sure they would lose.

Chief Zhang’s wife was still trying to make use of her connections, but none of them seemed to be contactable.

Moreover, even her paternal home had been targetted.

Out of desperation, she decided to beg for help.

A staunch senior of the Red Army spoke bluntly, “Killing such a bast*rd isn’t even enough to placate the masses and you’re pleading for him? Let me make it clear, whoever dares to offer help would be the next in line.”

The funniest part was she had even sought out the Qin family.

Admiral Qin didn’t even bother to meet her, he paused the game he was playing on his phone and faced his deputy general. “Go out and tell Mrs Zhang who is taking charge of this case.”

“Yes.” Deputy Li headed out.

A wave of hope washed over Mrs Zhang when she saw Deputy Li walk out, ut the moment she heard to name ‘Qin Mo’, she froze…