Chapter 597 - Suspect Suspect

Chapter 597: Suspect Suspect

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Movie Queen An walked out, taking in the entire scene. She turned towards Admiral Qi., “What is she doing here?”

“She wants to plead with our son.” Admiral Qin reached out and pulled her into his embrace.

Movie Queen An shook her head firmly. “Then it’s hopeless, our son has never given concessions. Oh right, how’s your game going?”

“Just a bit more.” Admiral Qin pretended to be trapped. “Some of my skills aren’t accurate.”

Deputy Li was already back.

As proven, Deputy Li was a considerate deputy, he didn’t utter a word about how his Boss had just wiped out three players and instead retreated from the living area.

Movie Queen An sat upright instantly, looking very much like a professional. “I’ll teach you.”

“Alright,” Admiral Qin replied indulgently as he concluded that games weren’t that bad after all.

However, Movie Queen An’s next words weren’t that pleasing. “After you have learned, I’ll get Jiu to bring us on battles.”

“Jiu? Is that the person who has been bringing you around?” Admiral Qin asked faintly.

Movie Queen An nodded as she navigated through the game.

Admiral Qin lifted a brow leisurely, it seems like he would meet ‘Jiu’ in the game soon.

Fu Jiu remained oblivious the entire time.

The moment the result for the court hearing was announced, Fu Jiu called Li Mengran. “Life imprisonment. Just as the Almighty has said, they won’t get to leave the prison in this lifetime.”

Li Mengran couldn’t explain her current state of mind.

She had been monitoring the news the entire time, when the media questioned why she hadn’t come forward, her heart chilled.

But from the moment Almighty Qin spoke up for her, she was no longer pressed about the outcome of those beasts.

Li Mengran laughed lightly. “Your Highness Jiu, you guys are really similar.”

“Us?” Fu Jiu lifted her brows.

Li Mengran glanced up at the ceiling. “You and Almighty Qin, you guys are really similar. When it had just started, I considered killing myself and kept posting on the chat. The only reason I persisted for such a long time was because of something you had said during your interview and I’m glad that I finally managed to wait for the justice you talked about.”

“It’s because of your courage.” Fu Jiu turned her gaze towards the policeman nearby before lowering her voice. “Mengran, there’s something I need to ask you about, what is the chat called? Who else have you interacted with on the chat?”

Li Mengran couldn’t understand the reasons behind the youngster’s questions. “Almighty Qin asked me about it before, the police seemed to be paying attention to it, Your Highness Jiu, is there anything wrong with the chat?”

“I was curious about your obsession over the chat.” Fu Jiu excuses were always impeccable.

Li Mengran lowered her voice. “There would be people comforting me on the chat, but it isn’t a private conversation. Instead, there would always be responses when I post something. The chat feels safe and since everyone on the chat is strangers, I am able to talk about my deepest secrets.”

“It really seems like a good place.” Fu Jiu narrowed her eyes, even her aura turning deadly. “If it’s possible, could you send me the link? I want to take a look as well.”

The moment she finished asking, Qin Mo’s voice came from behind. “Where are you talking about?”