Chapter 598 - Jealous

Chapter 598: Jealous

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“A place to travel and rest my mind.” Fu Jiu returned his gaze, a slight smile touching her lips as she replied Qin Mo’s question. She continued into the phone, “Mengran, i’ll hang up now, remember to send the exact location.”

Qin Mo continued looking as Fu Jiu stuffed the phone in her pockets, his gaze deepening.

This was the first time it dawned on him that even if youngster had broken up, he still couldn’t dictate her actions.

“The national league is in three days and you’re thinking about where to travel.” Qin Mo dragged the last words, his aura cold and distant, “I guess the trainings i prepared for you isn’t enough.”

Fu Jiu opened her mouth but before she could say anything, she was dragged into the sports car.

Fu Jiu noticed that the Almighty has been driving much faster recently.

It was so fast it seemed as though he was about to crash the next second.

A menacing air floated into his gaze.

The moment he heard the name ‘Mengran’, he started to lose control.

Qin Mo understood the power of one’s first love.

Even so, he was jealous.

He was even starting to worry about youngster’s future impulses to meet Li Mengran, what was he going to do then?

The thought sent an ache through his chest.

A sharp ache.

The pain wiped out every other emotion.

He tightened his grip on the steering wheel.

Eventually, he managed to calm himself.

The prerequisite for calming down was to never allow youngster that opportunity.

You could call him a tyrant or being selfish.

He had to have this guy by his side, to gradually convert.

Fu Jiu couldn’t understand why the Almighty was looking at her with such a gaze.

How should she put it, it was tainted by a murderous intent.

Was it because she had interfered in this incident?

At this moment, the phone in her pocket vibrated.

Fu Jiu tilted her head to look, there was only one word, redemption.

She didn’t hesitate, clicking onto the web browser to search for the chat Li Mengran had sent her.

But at this moment, she realised that the chat wasn’t open to public, an invitation was required.

Fu Jiu was almost a hundred percent sure that there was an issue with the chat.

Because normal chats would usually allow browsers to have a quick tour.

But this chat had a strict requirement for its members.

This wasn’t normal.

Any chat online would want more hits and attention, more commonly known as the site traffic.

But the moment there was an invitation restriction, a huge portion of the traffic would be lost.

Then how is it possible for the profits to be high?

Unless there are many people who wish to enter even if an invitation is required.

Fu Jiu broke it down into two scenarios; the first is when the chat is afraid of being caught for pornography.

The other is a hacker chat.

But it was obvious this chat didn’t belong in either category.

What bothered her the most was the unusually high hit rates for the site despite its regulations.

If it was as Li Mengran had said, everyone inside would share their deepest and most painful secret.

Then the existence of the chat itself would bring about negativity.

Research have proven that misery loves company.

And with a chat filled with miserable people, the negativity would definitely amplify….