Chapter 599 - Find Yun Hu to Continue Conversion

Chapter 599: Find Yun Hu to Continue Conversion

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The chat seemed to unearth the urge within her to hack into its system, but the Almighty’s presence left her trapped.

Qin Mo knew that the youngster was using his phone, but from his angle, he could only see the youngster’s side profile, the silvery wisps that shielded his eyes.

He focused on the screen intently, seemingly holding back his desire to reply. It seemed as though he hadn’t fully come to terms with the situation.

Was it that hard to let go?

Qin Mo gripped on the steering wheel. With a sharp turn, he stopped the car at the roadside and called out in a deep voice, “Fu Jiu.”

The youngster lifted his lids.

“I’ll give you another chance.” Qin Mo titled his head as he lit a cigarette. He toyed the lighter in his palm, his gaze was away from Fu Jiu. “This is the last time, are you going to choose Li Mengran or the National League?”

Fu Jiu didn’t hesitate, in fact, she couldn’t understand the Almighty’s intentions for asking this abrupt question, but she replied resolutely, “The National League.”

Qin Mo titled his head over, speaking firmly, “Then cut off all contact and prepare for the competition.”

“Alright.” Fu Jiu kept her phone, she wasn’t agreeing to Li Mengran’s problem and had instead allowed herself to take a temporary break. This case had indeed caused a great impact, she had almost forgotten her identity as Fu Jiu. Fu Jiu had friends, family, and responsibilities she had to shoulder, one of which was to win the National League.

Qin Mo looked over at the youngster’s face, his gaze dimming.

He gave him a chance to escape — but just this once.

In the future, even if the youngster would be upset or couldn’t bear it, he would never give in…

It was time to subconsciously convince him that girls weren’t good and getting a boyfriend was the most logical choice.

Conversion step three was to adapt, which would require a reference point.

There were a number of young masters in Pure Color, but Qin Mo wasn’t willing for the youngster to witness it so crudely.

He was worried that the youngster couldn’t accept it or even worse, caught onto his plan, causing him to hide away.

Hence, he had to find those that were ambiguous.

Qin Mo’s gaze sunk, shifting directions smoothly.

Fu Jiu lifted a brow. “Brother Mo, where are we going?”

“A University ́,” Qin Mo replied calmly. “It’s been some time since we played in campus, Yun Hu and Lin Feng should be free now. We can group into a team.”

Fu Jiu perked up. “I heard they stay in the same hostel, are we going over to get them?”

“Mmh,” he replied without giving anything away, but there was a slight lift at the ends of his beautifully carved lips.

Fu Jiu was genuinely interested in the university’s hostel since she was still a high school student and didn’t have such experience in her previous life.

A University was located in the capital, but other than being littered with trees, it wasn’t much different from other universities.

Some of the architecture was slightly older than the newer universities, which was a symbol of its long history.

Originally, whenever the clock struck 4, A University would sink into lazy tranquility, but today was a stark contrast.

Ever since Fu Jiu and Qin Mo entered the campus, the sharp shrieks hadn’t ended.

The two of them were just too striking.

Even with a black mask covering her face, Fu Jiu still wasn’t able to conceal her handsomeness that was bone deep.

Let alone Qin Mo, he texted Yun Hu as he walked, his perfectly charming side profile being snapped relentlessly.

The players at the basketball court had been planning to score a few three-pointers while Yun Hu was taking a break in order to bask in the junior’s applause. But unexpectedly, no one was paying attention when the ball entered the loop.

Everyone was focused on the audience, what exactly was with this situation?!