Chapter 60 - Flirted With Almighty A Little Before Bed

Chapter 60: Flirted With Almighty A Little Before Bed

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Qin Mo switched off the main CPU, but didn’t go to bed straight away. He moved his long, slim fingers slightly and sent a WeChat message to Fu Jiu. “You just rejected the player who added you?”

Fu Jiu intended to answer curtly, but she became interested in flirting a bit more before going to sleep. She replied with a voice message, “Aside from Almighty Qin, I don’t add anyone else in my games. Are you moved now? Wanna repay me with your body? With Almighty Qin’s body and looks, I can still consider sleeping with you.”

Qin Mo received the files that Secretary Liang just brought in while one hand was still holding the phone up. That languid voice entered his ear just like that, carrying the young man’s unique freshness.

Secretary Liang couldn’t hear the voice on the other end. He only saw his CEO pause for no reason and stand there without saying anything as the expression on his face changed over and over again!

Those long and fair fingers grasped the phone beside his ear tightly. In his eyes were an uncontainable coldness and gloominess.

He looked as if he would strangle the person on the other end of the phone if he said one more sentence.

Secretary Liang couldn’t bear to see this scene anymore and lowered his head, pretending to gather and organize his briefcase.

At last, his CEO took a deep breath and replied in a deep, low voice, “If you dare to say ‘sleep’ one more time, then you will no longer be able to speak.”

Sleep? Secretary Liang’s eyes were burning with flames!

Qin Mo glanced at him and closed the door with an emotionless face.

Secretary Liang: “…”

C’mon, CEO, where do you expect me to go this late at night!

It was freezing outside on the rooftop, alright!

After dealing with the eavesdropper, Qin Mo sent a voice message while he unbuttoned his shirt with one hand. “The one who added you was my manager.”

“I know.” Fu Jiu combed through her hair with her fingers, and stretched her leg out onto the computer table with unspeakable handsomeness. “I just didn’t feel like adding him. If I have you to open up the back door for me, why would I need anyone else?”

He was not sure if it was because it was too late at night, but the young man’s voice entering his ears wasn’t so upsetting anymore.

Qin Mo took a towel from its place beside him. When he tilted his head, his white shirt slipped half-open, and his beautiful chest muscles and sexy v-line lifted slightly as he unbuttoned his shirt.

Qin Mo suddenly paused. As if he had suddenly thought of something, he soon threw his pants aside and replied with his hand touching the screen, “Tomorrow, the Qin Group will be signing a team of newbies. You can come directly to sign.”

“What about the first round of that gaming contest half a month later?”

“This is an internal recruitment.”

It was only five words, but Fu Jiu understood Almighty Qin’s hidden meaning. She hooked up the corner of her mouth. “I will be there after getting my parts.”


That was all Almighty Qin replied. As long as he was not talking about serious business, he always replied in a few words in an incomparably arrogant and cold fashion.

Fu Jiu didn’t care though. She yawned and lay down casually in bed. Her soft silver hair spread out and highlighted her fair, sharp little jaw perfectly. She replied in a daze, “Good night.”

In the bathroom covered in steam, Qin Mo listened to the voice message. That voice was low and soft, completely unlike how domineering and evil he usually sounded.

Subconsciously, with a swipe of his finger, he clicked on that green message bar again.

Through the misty and hazy bathroom, nobody could see what facial expression Qin Mo had on his delicate and pretty face.

At that moment, Fu Jiu’s soft “good night” was the only sound lingering in the bathroom…